Zoo Jeans and Boy friend jeans- An Ideal Trendy Wear

zoo jeans tearing by tigerAre you an extreme fanatic of fashion wears? Then it is worth spending your time in reading this article. You would probably wonder as soon as you glance through the term, a so called ‘zoo jeans’. A Japanese jeans producer has gone a bit longer in designing
a unique jean which is captivated by dangerous animals. These zoo jeans are made out of the resultant denim that was bitted and ripped by the animals that forms a new fashion statement. Initially denims are wrapped around a tire and thrown to the animals like lions and tigers who crave for bitting and ripping the material

This form of designing a wear using animals does not only paves way for marketing a gimmick, rather it is actually valued while considering from the well-being perspective of animals. With tigers and the other large carnivores of zoos’ to involve in this activity is a part of the task in environmental enrichment. This serves as a provision of enhancing the well-being of the animals. Moreover, it is a win-win technique for many of the zoos that could get alternative profits by animals, which in turn can be utilized to offer additional facilities for them. This zoo jean was unveiled by northeast of Tokyo and styled by the claws and fangs of tigers, bears and lions.

The denim was normally tougher, but it turns nicely as modern jeans after being destroyed by the animals. The idea has risen from zoo jeans Tokyo advertising executive, Namae, who wanted to offer something in return to the zoo where he had grown up. These zoo jeans are available in clothing stores as well as from online portals.

There is no necessary for women to borrow jeans from others to get the relaxed look that they crave for. Yes, Denim company hope
that would offer all the benefits that can be availed by wearing boyfriend’s worn in jeans by making specific modifications to suit a woman’s body.

Buy friend jeans are meant for rolling up at the bottom so that the cuff will be above the ankle. If you have a short waist or are petite, you can cuff the jean with smaller rolls. Boyfriend jeans can be made more feminine by pairing with right attires. For having a feminine and casual look, you should pair it with girly footwear and slim fitting tops. You can find boy friend jeans with masculine features such as button down cotton flannel but you can show off your feminine features by wearing high heels, cinching the waist with a belt or by wearing chunky bracelets.

Many celebrities have been wearing the latest trendy of cuffed boyfriend jeans which actually seem like a pair of men’s instead of women’s. Wearing them offer you a sophisticated look without wanting you to put much effort .

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