Worst Mistakes Young Professionals Commit

Every day we go in the state of dilemma about our career choices which will affect us over the long term. Like Should I ask for a raise? Should I work extra hours just to impress my boss? Should I switch my job? Likewise there are hundreds of questions that keep lingering in our mind on daily basis. But in between all these, sometimes we make the biggest career choices which would leave us with regret after 10 years from now.

Here are few of the most common choices.

Pretending to Be Something You’re Not

It happens many times that you pretend to be a football fan to impress your boss or maybe you are pretending to be an expert in something which is not at all of your interest. But continuously pretending to be something you’re not is very dangerous and in future you would lose your own identity.

Money Centric Decisions

Whether the question is about your salary or other perks, taking decisions solely based on money is not advisable. Maximum number of people does the same thing and they run behind money all the time. Adding numbers to your account is always a good idea but not always.


Most of the people settle for an OK job, OK salary, OK benefits and thus they lead an OK life. These people are living their life just for the sake of living. They are certainly not doing any favors for themselves. It is recommended to always try something new and keep the search on for something better. If you want something strive hard for it now itself because it’s” now or never”.

Working for Endless Hours

This is the biggest problem of every young professional. They work for 70-80 hours every week to keep their bosses happy and to stay on top. But they tend to overlook a very important fact that it is more important to keep your family happy. So keep your work life and personal life balanced.

Increasing Distance from Friends

Always remember one thing that whenever you would be in a state of problem it would be your friends and family who would come ahead and help you out. Neither your boss nor your co workers would be there to console you. So spend time with your loved ones.

Not Valuing Your Own Happiness

Friends start finding happiness in everything is it in terms of a job change or start enjoying your current job. But please keep the above mentioned points in mind and believe it you would start enjoying your life.

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