Why to Prefer Schooling Your Children at Home

Many a times children feel that schools are rigid and they find it tough to cope with the teachers in the school and sometimes parents also feel the same. So here are few of the reasons why you should leave the school behind and teach him at home if your child is not finding happiness over there.

  1. Learning is customized

In schools the learning pattern is standardized as per the system laid by someone else whereas in the case of home learning only that is taught and learnt what the parent and child feel the best.

  1. Be with your loved ones

In school students are with other children and teachers who are unknown to them but at home children are with the persons whom company they enjoy.

  1. Freedom to learn with their toolsHome-Schooling

In school students are often banned from using specific tools like cell phones and other gadgets whereas at home they can use whatever they want and thus it paves the way for their technical development.

  1. Real life tests are better than class tests

In school we measure student’s success with his performance in the tests whereas at home students are judged as per the standards set by them and their parents. Thus it is clear that the students and parents are not bound by the benchmarks as in the case of schools. The child is free to explore what is important to them and can set his own standards as per his or her wish.

  1. Emphasize on doing practical

In schools the students are forced to just be book worms and study, study, whereas in the case of home study the children are given the full freedom of doing what they have learnt and they are not bound by certain limitations like they have to mug up the definitions and puke it out on the papers. The scenario is very different in this case.

  1. You have a different entity

In the case of schools the students is only judged by the figures he scores in a sheet known by the name report card but in the case of home schooling child is given full freedom to explore new things and he or she has a different entity and is completely distinct.

  1. Independence is valued over dependence

In school the students are made dependent on the teachers to be taught and they are completely barred from trying anything new whereas at home children are encouraged to explore, discover, and develop their own passions and talents and that’s the reason they find interest in what they do and thus they perform better.

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