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 Grand Rapids places & Gold coast Michigan lake

Beach bums, beer lovers and art lovers agree: there is to love about Western Michigan place this year for the city ofplaces in usa coast-Lake-Michigan-Golden-Coast
Grand Rapids United States is very high. America in Michigan, elected best beer city in 2012 and 2013 national beer examiner blog by United States in America, and his beer-tourism fact revolution rages on. microbreweries 25 (August), Area and events that eats and cold brews and hot (February) in winter and summer craft beer festival, Beer Festival pour in throughout the year keep side hop Festival City, Grand Rapids view spectacular going on about mystery is impressive and Grand Rapids Frederik Meijer. gardens, Grand Rapids and exquisite art located in a quiet building LEED Gold Certified in addition to Rodin sculptures in the Museum Art Prize competition, world, in which more than 1,700 creative show their creations is the largest art house.

Yosemite National Park, CA
Due to the closure of many world Government stop national parks places Yosemite majestic peaks later in 2013, yosemite National park places in usa temporary, waterfalls and thunderstorms welcoming visitors to subalpine meadows adorned with flowers of happiness again. Valley or monolithic half dome, El Capitan and the rest under the gaze of inspiration to climb through the point of view and reach Yosemite Falls (the highest North American) with air-thin crowd. — If you have ancient backward to, Enter where you can walk for months and President Lincoln and a precursor of the modern system of the National Park during the summer by 2014, will celebrate the Park and Yosemite Gateway communities grant signed the Act on the 150th anniversary was the first one by the Federal Government for protection is purely for the people and provides a plot of land.

Boston, MA

Hot on the heels of another Red Sox in January 2014 World Series win over Boston 100 annual us Figure Skating places in usa  boston
Championships, while team we welcome Winter Olympics determined. spring, international sports fans-enjoy the look of globe if come in General-Boston Marathon; 2013 2014 bombings deter participants in the race despite concern It’s the second biggest Boston Marathon, will be inundated with 36,000 runners during and as early as the summer of success, City are in full swing: the General celebration of all kinds of festivals abound, beer garden and landing restaurant patios and a flourishing arts and entertainment as beautiful, dynamic moisture Bostonians significant. over the past year, is still alive and well here: America’s founding marks the revolutionary freedom, not hand Tavern The oldest Tavern in the United States of America, in a bit of the history of the drink on the vine stop on.

Central Coast, CA

Often San Francisco and Los Angeles, California in the picturesque Pacific Coast’s finest surreal stretch between air bridge rejected as countries of the relaxed beach towns, coastal Hwy. 1 (one of the most emblematic streets of the places in usa central coastUS), Spanish, pleasant climate (even if it is fog) and no crowd views rock, Hidden coves, colonies of sea lions and other wild animals, magnificent Hearst Castle, The Napa and Sonoma mission. Yourself back and forth for Paso Robles scene of rival wine country to immerse in the Interior to the coast, back to the world. After the wild beauty and energy of 100-mile stretch from Big Sur, famous Monterey Bay
Aquarium, vertical sides, which, eco conscious its 30th anniversary this year, panting. (to beat crowd-Aquarium Buy advance tickets, and when the doors open arrive.) Exposure is another world of Medusa).

 Shore New Jersey

Perhaps the most part known and their sparkling New Jersey Shore was awarded with. Sandy hook to Cape May, the places in usa  shore new jerseytacky elegant coast is dotted with beach resorts devastated by sea heights on a walk in 2013. Hurricane sandy and most recently coast fire. If recovery efforts must continue, the summer season is crucial to the local communities of 2014 will then come and embrace kitsch and You have a family with fun filled coastal extravaganza will discover: beaches, dunes, lighthouses, ride, go-carts, funnel ca
ke, bicycle, Fishing, shopping, galleries and more disturbing, but in the summer, spring and autumn yourself wonderfully alone sand can find on toe-kiss.


Wide open places and invited Kansas City is famous for it’s over 200 (Rome) places and launching over 100 seals of places in usa kansas-citybarbecue with equal fountains. In habitants of the city (and tourists) are necessary for food and scenes of jazz and blues of a vibrant African-American to serve community anchor. the investigation of Kansas City, intriguing and walk able district of the 1920s country Club Plaza intersection in the future life, neighboring commercial art what is your name, justify and owned by Westport, restaurants and bars.

Cumberland Island, GA

America, Cumberland Island is one of the most underdeveloped places. Pristine beaches, the dunes swept by the places in usa cumberland-islandwind, wild horses, wild turkeys, small crabs violinists, armadillos, Mossy old Oaks beautiful butterflies, the sunrises skittering, breathtaking in… Cumberland paradise more preserved, consistent image. In the case of exposed land from sea island is the largest of the National Seashore. On the way to the Indian Ocean would be the Immaculate sandy beach you are the marine forest 18 miles remaining, swamp, mud, streams of tide and beautiful ruins Dungeness mansion, all belonged to the Carnegies. With plenty of trails 50 them loaded miles and backcountry camping is permitted.


Baby, it always happens to Las Vegas, but this year there are about how much of your savings, especially if a city triesplaces in usa las-vegas this beautiful rhinestones to attract more tourists rolling under in 2014 to seek more (per person gambling revenue has decreased by 30% since 2006). Fremont east and near the town of art near his quarters animated flowers. The first recently became an artistic hub – this is where the locals come to eat and drink. hip new bars, Cafes and galleries burlesque Hall of Fame, no mention, a plot of revelers venture let go of the bar to give good reasons for band-related to les, Ferris wheel above the world (the aptly
named high roller), $550 million of Kaiser the new LINQ ‘ district, part of the “middle-2014 should open in the Center bar.”

 Sun Valley, ID

Chic resort areas Colorado, Sun Valley is the perfect alternative for especially in summer when the small number of costs and visitors. Camping, hiking, mountain bikin
g fly fishing, cultural events and great food is world class places in usa sun valley abundant skiing in winter in the United States of America the first objective can be had in sky areas, you have a refined and beautiful, fast-food joints and dispersion of condo without chic can ride lifts with Hollywood stars. Also absent: lift the crowd and lines!

Empty beaches, this unique paradise Speck snorkeling and diving, shipwrecks, rock engravings (!), otherworldly rock formations, gravel roads, rugged hiking trails (or 4WD), red and is our favorite bag (raw fish salad) features of trade. Lana ‘ style planting Candy-colored houses and I Yes downtown – Yes, it is only a city-insulation and small islands offer a means of attraction of it also changes seriously and many say better.

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