Vipassana Meditation & Its Benefits

Vipassana is one of India’s most ancient meditation techniques. It was rediscovered 2500 years ago in India by Gautam Buddha, founder of Buddhism. During the Buddha’s time, huge numbers of people.

In the north India got healed by the technique of Vipassana Dhyan. Within the passage of time this technique spread to neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand etc. Five centuries after Buddha this technique however got lost somewhere from India but it was preserved in a small country of Burma by a group of well trained teachers. Sri S.N. Goenka revived this meditation technique to its native country India as well as to the 80 different countries. The technique what we learn today is nearly the same as it was in the time of Buddha except few changes have been made to make it easy to practice.

Vipassana as they say it means “to see the things as they really exist”; it is a simple process of mental purification by the mode of self-observation.

We all are humans and from time to time we all experience agitation, frustration, anger, dissatisfaction. When we suffer in our lives, it affects not only us but may people around us and those people also fall victim to our problems. We exist in this world not to suffer, but to live peacefully. Now the question arises that what should be done to keep our mind calm and quite. Vipassana Dhyan is the answer to the question.

It enables us to experience peace and harmony: it purifies the mind and leads to step by step purification of mind and soul and thus liberating ourselves from the bondage of sufferings and agony.

Vipassana Meditation Has Numerous Benefits:

  • You become aware of whets going on near you. You start to look at the things from a different perspective.
  • Gradually you learn to be calm and composed and attachment to the worldly pleasures vanishes.
  • It gives you the tolerance power to cope with the bad days of your life.
  • You realize that body is perishable but soul is non-perishable. So you strive hard to liberate your soul.
  • Happiness is the feeling which you appreciate and you begin to find the same even in smaller things.
  • You learn to embrace failure and success with equal emotions.
  •  It lets you to be cool and calm even at the most stressful situations of your life.
  • Weather you believe it or not Vipassana increases your time management skills.

So these were only few of the benefits of Vipassana and there are many more. So consult a teacher in your locality and live a peaceful life.Vipassana Meditation

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