Vastu Shastra Architecture -Solution of all problems

What is Vastu Shashtra ?

Architecture direction that combines all the five elements of nature and the science of human and material balance with them, is that the vastu 2best effect on the interaction of various forms of a living person is everything on a structure in which we, leading to improved health, bright environment, paving the way to happiness, prosperity and wealth can bring out the best in an atmosphere of subtle to make all as other sciences architectural universal, rational, practical and useful is a religion but a science.

Architectural theory in the temporal effects of the Sun, its light and heat, solar energy, wind directions, the Moon is the Earth’s magnetic field and the status of our impact on the planet were taking account of the universe. System directions science, astronomy and astrology is a mixture.

Five elements

On the nine planets, our planet is due to the presence of these five elements of life. Includes the five basic elements, also known as the Paanchbhootas of the world. They are Earth, water, air, fire and Earth and water and space are limited for the development of human and local habitat.


vastu 3What is architecture Scripture? -Architectural scripture of ancient principles of Indian architectural, architectural signs, based on the science-not just for energy savings, but also a healthy design, which not only makes life comfortable, but also good health, Prosperity and wealth home owners/occupiers and gives families the importance of orientation of a building there the rotation of planets and home design scenarios and responses in relation to different directions is a relationship between any type and its construction of goal orientation local matters using suitable material has been building. he not only enhances her life. But also improves the condition of the occupants. There are cases where buildings planned are an essential according to local orientation has been rapidly lost then with proper orientation of buildings to build the study deteriorated.

Good knowledge of the meanvastus of all appropriate orientation eight directions. It is a common knowledge that comes from the Sun where the direction East (IBAs) is known as and where it is located to the West (West), and when one of the faces of the East left North is a right (of Uttara phalguni nakshatras are) and southern (Dakshina ‘ becomes). Since emanating from both directions adds a corner where the two forces meet directions is obviously more important. If we worship, Revere and respect the Lords of these eight directions according to the Scriptures we will be shower his blessings on and benefits according to their importance to us. review the entries.

Scientific approach

What is architecture Scripture? -Architectural scripture of ancient science, architecture principles of Indian architectural scientific approach, based on the five elements, Earth, water, fire, air and space is also included for each element to a natural power that corresponds to the impact our lives. great scientists were our ancestors, and they impact on the lives of the human natural forces understood they are:

Earth: Magnetic field of the earth
Water: attraction (Gravity) of the Earth
Fire: Solar radiation
Air: Wind energy
Space: Cosmic radiation
The impact of sustainable architectural, because Earth’s orbit for year’s executives around the Sun 400 million rupees due to the rotation of the magnetic effects makes rotating it .

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