Unforgettable Facts about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose

1- A Grade Student and Scholar

Netaji was the one who graduated with a BA with a 1st class in Philosophy from Scottish Church College in the year1918 after he was expelled from Presidency College after insulting his professor who made anti-India comments. Afterwards he studied in Cambridge College and later he qualified Indian Civil Services exam and stood 4th in it.

2-Editor and Public Servant

He published a newspaper Swaraj and also served as Editor of “Forward”.  He was the mayor the Kolkata city in the year 1930.

3-Links with Congress Party

Netaji was chosen to be the Congress President in the year 1938 and 1939 but later on he parted ways with Congress due to the mounting differences between Mahatma Gandhi and party high command. Netaji was a man of principals and just because of few people in the party Congress made distance with such a great personality.

4-Master of Disguise

This act of Netaji is acclaimed worldwide when he disguised as a Pathan to move Peshawar. There he enacted as an insurance agent and reached Afghanistan. He travelled to Moscow as Count Orlando Mazzotta and then finally to Germany.

5-Formation of Indian National Army

Indian National Army which was initially found under Mohan Singh in the year 1942 was revived by Great Netaji and this army fought against British and other commonwealth forces with the help of Japanese forces. It is for the reason he is hugely respected by defense forces of our country.

6-Meeting with Adolf Hitlersubhash-chandra-bose-wallpaper

In the year 1941 he met Dictator Adolf Hitler who was considered as the most dangerous human being on earth at that time. Hitler was a big racist and hated Jews, Africans, Americans and Indians as well but when he met Netaji he was very much impressed by his persona and charm. Netaji asked for his help in fighting against British but things did not materialize as Hitler wanted the complete power over India. Bose was the only Indian who was welcomed and respected by Adolf Hitler.

7-Bose and Gandhi

Even though Netaji parted ways with congress due to differences with Gandhi, on 6 July 1944, he addressed M K Gandhi as “Father of the Nation” title through All India Radio in Singapore and asked for his blessings for the war he was fighting. From then onward Gandhi came to be known as “Father of the Nation or Bapu”.

Such was the legacy of Subhas Chandra Bose that the greatest of the dictators was his fan and the person who made him leave Congress, he called him the father. We would never be able to forget this great personality.

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