Tourism US : Beautiful Places

US  Tourism has a great pleasure to visit provide heart addiction facilities and you will get what you wish for . Here are the several places :

 Maui:us tourism boosted by obama

Why go: with its idyllic beaches and green mountains, Maui is the best escape sequences of your days here. As you lounge in the sand to Hana or Kaihalulu road for cruise to admire, you can sample the island of seafood is also a must.


Why go: steam geyser, stretch for miles, there are many exciting nature lovers in this National Park. In addition, the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center animal fans wildlife to find more information on the website will appreciate a visit from.

Washington, DC:

Why go: it’s a lot of capital. Emblematic monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument, you can visit some of an evening to make animated features to save energy-DC restaurant and bar of a scene.

San Francisco:

Why go: San Francisco culture influenced by the many ethnic groups and social movements is the best way to see the city by the Bay sign each individual neighborhood to explore each of the supply mission to Castro enclave. Visitors to enjoy.

New York City:

Why go: go walking, theatre, Museum-hopping bar-in the Big Apple to a large number of things most of its U.S. us tourism
counterpart to shame converts. If you stir street life is a relief from the course, and the city’s growing high-rise picturesque retreat in Central Park.

San Diego:

Why go: San Diego traveler to appeal to many different types of marquee attraction is the beach, while city. Also love outdoor activities and a lively central dining scene. SeaWorld San Diego Zoo, meanwhile, and provide good time for all ages.


Why go: in Yosemite half dome or exercise, known as John Muir Trail can go to sites for the winter wet summer. Fall to spring to come. And if you are not a camp, you can park a San Francisco day trip.



Why go: Oahu Beach and good balance of urban environments and with a pleasant weather year-round, there’s really no bad time to visit Waikiki Beach is promising to please, but be warned: there’s a good chance you will be welcomed by a deluge of tourists.

Orlando-Walt Disney World:

Why go: a rite of passage for kids is a trip to Disney World, and over the years, Disney “Imaginers” to enchant adult’s orlando disney world us tourismgreat efforts made to. More than ever, Disney World that you will not find anywhere else to provide for a form of escape.

 U.s. Virgin Islands:

Why go: nature, history, sunbathing and shops are located here, but if you choose the right place it instead of the United States of America Virgin natural beauty travelers love the Islands, it is in its purest form landscapes to discover in St. John, Virgin Islands National Park visit.


Why go: The Anchorage Museum and the Alaska Native Heritage Center is a perfect introduction to the ‘ frontier ‘ last offer. And Tony Knowles coastal trail with your hiking shoes and Kincaid Park can break just explore the city shopping and restaurants to save time.

Cape Cod:

Why go: many visitors try to Cape coast, the main draw here is a sense of tradition and relaxed back environment. Cape Cod during the summer season there is a loyal base of Northeasterners; This expensive hotel rooms and rental, so you can book early.

Jackson hole:

Why go: Park national de Grand Teton and Yellowstone, with a privileged location near the travelers outdoor Jackson Hole Jackson Hole invited if you are skiing or mountain resort, each national refuge, you will be in awe of this destination for a trip has to offer.

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