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Australian their lifestyle and our world class holiday destinations appreciate all the special properties to Australia is australia tour
the Australian tourist friendly and helpful.

There are many great experiences and share holiday in Australia outback adventure holiday, all vacation interests, experiences appropriate for the island of relaxation in the Sun, we we’re vacationing in the snow.
Sports and nature plays an important role in the Australian lifestyle, and there is no such thing as living in a world-famous Carnival in Melbourne Rugby League state final approval for example Melbourne Cup horse.
What might be your pleasure holidays Australia friendly holidays only with all requirements and memories, you always think back to learn more. Australia-enjoy your stay welcomes.

Australia’s favorite holiday destinations here are few.
Sydney: Australia is located on the South coast, new South Wales, Australia is a modern capital city of Sydney has a long history, with the picturesque Sydney Harbour is defined by the first inhabitants of this region along the shore of the port lived for thousands of years. During the 1780s for Australia port also sent convicts became the landing site for. Today Under the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, ferry trips take visitors beyond the iconic Sydney Opera Australia feautred imageHouse.
Great Barrier Reef: diver and underwater explorers, the great barrier reef is one of the best places in the world is the largest barrier reef system in the great barrier reef off the coast of the Australian State of Queensland is located in the Coral Sea to more than 2,900 coral reefs are a vast area and Islands and islets comprising hundreds of millions of living organisms by millions. Years of period of the reef now more of the best places in the world and Australia to visit one of the various ecosystems.
Alice Springs: Australia about 1,500 km (900 miles) from the nearest large town, Alice Springs in the heart of the cavernous valleys, desert landscapes, remote Aboriginal communities without the Terminal and a charming pioneering history of the rustic red outback Centre embodies and is a hub for travel sites and Uluru/Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta area, (Olgas) and Kings Canyon as the development of tourism in the 1980s. The beginning of the since, the population largely has increased to almost 28,000.

australia toursimCairns: tropical climate, friendly atmosphere close to the great barrier reef, Cairns is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia is Cairns a provincial but lovely town with a population of about 150,000 people Northwest of Australia is located on the corner on some coastal destinations the greatest variety of wildlife and beautiful Cairns travel adventures has more possibilities.

Melbourne: Australia’s second largest state of Victoria, Melbourne is the capital of the largest natural Bay on Port Phillip, Australia., is located near the southern end, Melbourne, but it is also an important port is considered to be the cultural capital is a well planned city, known for its shops, good restaurants and sports facilities, Melbourne travelers who enjoy the good life is the perfect destination.

Perth: Perth is located on the southwest coast of Australia: the country’s fourth largest city and the capital of Western Australia is Australia’s other major cities are separated from, developed its unique character of Perth. Although this area has been inhabited for thousands of years, there’s a young atmosphere and attitude in this city of more than 2 million people have fun.

Brisbane: Brisbane is the capital of the State of Queensland it after almost 2 million people, making it the third largest city in Sydney and Melbourne Australia has a population of warm climate year round, spectacular views of Brisbane. And friendly locals in several national and international visitors was reissued cards, tend to increase in Australia’s Brisbane city.australia beach view

Hobart: Hobart Tasmania Australian capital of Sydney, as well as the island’s second oldest town in Australia after the population of almost 250,000. That Hobart is small and intimate to the major cities of the Australian mainland, due to the State’s small size in comparison with many of Georgian and Victorian architecture in the Hobart. fine example, as Salamanca terrace is a place of claim that dates back to the 1830s when a victim of warehouses it four distinct seasons with a mild and temperate climate.
Climate without extremes of temperature is usually pleasant. Overall, there are two climate regions. In reply to the above line in the tropics, Capricorn, Australia is about 40 percent. The remaining areas lie in the temperate zone. However, due to the size of Australia, there are variations within these areas. Temperate regions all four seasons Two of them, while the tropical zone (was ‘ wet ‘ and ‘ dry ‘ cold). Australia, unlike those of the northern hemisphere season is September-November: spring summer. December-February winter celebrate autumn: March-may: June-August
Time zones
Eastern, the Australian Capital territory, Victoria, Tasmania, new South Wales and Queensland, operates in Australia are three time zones in (West); In South Australia and Northern Territory Central time (cyst); Standard time (WAST) in Western Australia while WAST West of an hour and a half to two hours behind the cyst, is behind the Australian States except territories of Northern, Western Australia and Queensland have daylight during the summer months. For more information about the time in the world go to WORLDTIME.australia beach view visitors relaxing
Tropical (natural fiber) in light clothing is suitable throughout the year. in temperate South, (Dec-Deb) summers
warm and suitable for day wear light are hot, but cold nights like a jacket or sweater can handle sweaters and warm clothes in the southern winter (June to August) are recommended. Most of the time just keeps it light and comfortable.


Reference card: Oceania
size: 7, 617, 930 km/water square: 68 920 km2
The number of beaches 7,000, 25 760 km Beach
Population 21, 007, 310 (July 2008 est.)
The Murray River waterway-in 2520 long m
United States of America State 6 + 2 areas
Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, international airports in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin-see also Australian airfares
240 volt power outlet 3-prong adapter 2.
Most major airlines fly to Australia airlines
The biggest lake is Lake Eyre-9500 square kilometers
Hot marble bar, WA-41 Celsius (summer maximum average) in Australian city
The population is 483 992 Aboriginal
Coldest Liawenee, TAS Australian city 1.5 ° c (winter min average)

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