Tips For The Meditation Beginners

Hello Meditation Beginners !!! Today’s life is full of stress and tensions. Each and every individual is running behind success and more or less the life has become a rat race. In this kind of lifestyle, it becomes very essential to take out some time for yourself. Doing exercise is an excellent idea for your body but to have a peace of mind there is a very strong tool which is known by the name meditation. I am sure everybody is aware of this term and quite a few must have experienced it. Just 20-30 minutes of meditation would help you out to cope up with stress and critical issues of daily life. There are endless benefits of meditation and for the starters here are few of the tips which would help you out in the initial stages of meditation.Meditation

Fix a Single Time : You are requested to fix a single time for meditation as per your convenience. The time should be such that you should be not be disturbed by anyone neither you should receive any phone call. The ideal time for mediation recommended by the spiritual leaders is at the hours of sunrise and sunset as it is true that during these hours the effect is maximum.

Quite and Calm Place Is To Be Chosen : Quiet and peaceful surroundings are per-requisite for meditation. A place where with noise and disturbance would keep you away from your spiritual journey.

Sit In Right Comfortable Posture : Your posture plays the most crucial role in meditation. Sit cross legged in lotus position. If you have a difficulty sitting in this position, half Padma Aasan should be adopted. Your spine should be erect with shoulders and neck relaxed. Hands could be kept at lap or it can rest on your knees with palms down. Straight spinal cord is the most important factor and eyes should be closed or it can be left half open.

Few Warm-Ups Are Essential Prior to Meditate : A few warm-up exercises before meditation paves the way for healthy meditation and in addition to this it also helps improve blood circulation and it makes your body feel lighter.

Take A Few Deep Breaths : As you are ready with the right posture just takes few deep breaths. Take a long breath and keep it for 3-4 seconds. Then breathe out heavily with the sound of Hun, Hun, this sound would come out automatically. Repeat the step for 8-10 times. This would help you to exhale the negative energy and thus would purify your mind.

Open Your Eyes Slowly and Gently : One you are done with meditation, it is recommended to open eyes slowly and then feel the surroundings around you. Don’t be in a hurry, just relax and sit quietly for 2-3 minutes post meditation.

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