Taking Care of Your Beard

Keeping beard gives you a sense of pride and honor.  After all a man without beard is not a man. It is equally tough to maintain that beards into proper shape as you have to be ready with your trimming machine on every second day. But the biggest concern is the cleanliness of beards. Many women complain question the neatness of facial hair. So I am with few suggestions about keeping your beard clean and in perfect shape.    Beard

Beard Dandruff

When you have a heavy scuff, then it needs to be taken care of. Beard dandruff is a common thing and it does the same damage as it does to your hair.  What can be done here is that apply an anti dandruff shampoo on your beards and wash it off after few seconds. In addition to this Beard oil would also be helpful.


Yes beards itch and it is a fact. But this thing can be overcome by using aromatic beard oil which would hydrate your beard and at the same time would keep a cool breeze flowing through it. Women love the odor of these oils as they smell very pleasant. So next time whenever you kiss a women make sure you have applied beard oil.

Bad Smell

Beards stink like anything viz your hair, skin or mouth. Anything which is not cleaned and kept in an unruly manner gives a bad smell. It’s a truth which can’t be denied. Well the remedy to the same is use shampoo and conditioner periodically. Care your beards in the same way as you take care of your skin or hairs. Beard wash is also available in the market which would clean off the dust particles stuck on them.

Unruly Facial Hair

Normally when facial hair is left to grow on its own, then unruliness happens. It is often seen as people leave the trimming machine when they start growing beards which is completely wrong.  It is the duty of any handsome man to keep his beard perfectly groomed so that zig zag hairs don’t spoil the fun.

Keeping in beards is all in all fun and manly. It gives you a class and certainly you are looked as men among the poor chap clean shaved boys. But pampering your beard is equally important. Above mentioned suggestions should be taken into consideration if you are lucky to flaunt a beard.

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