Stylish Ethnic Wear for Indian Men

Pant- shirts or jeans are common among Indian men but on special occasions you need something special and what else could be more special than a dashing ethnic dress. Indian ladies have sari and salwar suit and many articles have been written about the same. Today I would mention few of the Indian ethnic dresses which men could put on any special event. So without wasting much of your time I would jump right in to the main topic.

Veshti / Dhoti – This is one of the most worn clothing across the country in different styles by men of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, West Bengal and Goa. The unstitched piece of cloth as a sari in the case of women is tied around the waist. It is very comfortable and is tied indifferent styles which vary from state to state. Viz. in north India it is worn like a pant whereas in Southern part it resembles with the women skirts. Whatever may be the style, it is one of the most original forms of ethnic wear as it was being worn by mythological characters too. Fabric of dhoti varies from silk to cotton or fibre and it is worn today during weddings and other religious occasions.Men

Sherwani –  These are the fusion of salwar kameez with western coat. It came into being during the Pre-British era and was generally worn by the kings and the courtesans. These are worn over a Kurta and a chudidaar. It is generally worn in the countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh etc. now days it is common to see men with Sherwani during marriages and in special events. These come in different patterns as embroidered, heavy work, light work etc

Bandhgala – They are also called as Jodhpuri suits and are an Indian substitute for Western two piece suite. They are mildly embroidered as they are used at different formal occasions too. They are made by with either silk or suiting material and are usually worn with trousers of the same colour as of Bandhgala or a contrast coloured trouser. Several politicians can be spotted with a bandhgala.

Kurtha Pajama and Fushion – This is the most humble and very simple. It can be fitted into a simple kurta with a denim, or embroidered kurta with chudidaar. You have a very good scope of making experiments with these.   They are made in silk or cotton as these two are very comfortable for this climate. Best thing about kurta pajama is that it can be modest and lavish as per one’s wish. One can wear a simple version at small gatherings or you can try a lavish and heavy version on weddings and other events.

So friends if you are bored with same denims and suits give a try to Indian ethnic wear and I am sure that the above mentioned information would be useful to you in this regard.

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