Stay in Shape without Hitting the Gym

It’s a truth that everybody wants his body to be in shape like any of the leading Bollywood actor. But very few of them are ready to put that effort which is required to get that shape. Most of the people hit the gym to get a dream physique but gradually the euphoria begins to fizzle out and going to gym becomes monotonous. Here we are with few of the ways in which you can maintain the shape of your body without hitting the gym.

Bring More Activity into Your Daily Life

Indulge into more and more physical activities like you can always opt to ride from metro station to you home instead taking an auto rickshaw. In addition to this, take the stairs instead of lift while in office or at your residential building. These small activities would burn whole lot of calories and thus cut the extra fat.

Do Gym-Like Activities at Home

There are certain things at your home that would serve the purpose of going to the gym like I have already mentioned the option of taking the stairs and further If I share my personal experience then what I did was I bought 4 Dumbbells and continued chest and biceps exercises without even getting noticed .

Let Your Pet Make You Run

After the day’s work or during the mornings, take your dog for a walk and leave it free. It would be still better if you have a park and a ball to play with. Let your dog enjoy your company and play with him. The ball or a Frisbee would be a great option. There are dual benefits to the same once you would have physical work out and the second the pet would love you even more.

Prepare a Food Chart

Make a food chart. We know that it is very boring and you have done the same in the past but now for once take it seriously. What you have to do is prepare a chart which should contain list of food items which you consume daily and their nutritious value. At last just subtract the exercises you do in a day. Believe me it is not rocket science and is damn easy once you start doing it.

Get Back To Sports

Recall your childhood days when you were mad about your favorite sports and you felt like heaven while at the field. Bring back that era and spend 1-2 hours daily on the playground .it would not only cut on your crabs but also leave you with a feel good factor that would keep you happy throughout the day.

Not to mention that fresh water is the best drink and keep distance from caffeine. Here were few of the activities which would help you to remain in shape without shedding a single penny and neither have you to answer stupid people who keep inquiring about your biceps and chest size.

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