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First Superstar Of Bollywood The ‘Rajesh Khanna’

Rajesh khanna Born December 29, 1942 in Amritsar in the State of Punjab as Jatin Khanna, Khanna was adopted and raised by parents adoptive-Claude Lacroix Khanna and Leela Wati Khanna, who were close to their biological parents, because his father had emigrated from Pakistan previously partitioned to Gali Tiwarian in the city of Amritsar. His biological parents were Barbara Khanna and L. L. Hiranand and worked as Director of the secondary school of MC in Burewala (now in Pakistan), district of Vehari, Punjab, Pakistan. Khanna has lived in Saraswati Niwas Thakurdwar, near Girgaon, Mumbai and Goa high school participated in San Sebastián, with his friend Ravi Kapoor, who adopted the stage name of Jonathan, and whose mothers were friends. Khanna gradually began to be interested in the theater and did a lot of stage and theatre plays in his school and College days and won numerous awards in other competitions of theatre at the University. In 1962 played Khanna stupid soldier injured in “Andha Yug” work and impressed by her performance that showed him the guest conductor going in the movies soon. Khanna is a rare newcomer who fought in your own sports car MG to work in the theatre and cinema in the 1960s. Khanna made his first two years of a Bachelor of Arts at the Nowrosjee Wadia College in Pune from 1959 to 1961. The two friends, then studied at the University of c. k., Mumbai. Khanna also contributed to Jonathan for his first film audition. Uncle by the name of Khanna KK Talwar Khanna changed when Rajesh Khanna decided to join films. His friends and his wife called Kaka.

Born in 1942, Rajesh Khanna, name of the birth of Angsuman and nicknamed Kaka, approved by the members of the Rajesh khanna family of his biological parents, who sent him to VP, a suburb of Bombay to Amritsar. He went to school and University with his great friend, Ravi Kapoor, who had to be of actor Jonathan. The lady who dabbled in theater, winner of several competitions of inter university drama. In 1965, he won the Filmfare India talent and organization of producers and made his debut in Aakhri Khat Chetan Anand in the coming year. Under contract with United producers, appeared in a series of films produced by the Studio and each performance grew only slightly more in the national consciousness, until finally it was propelled to super star in Aradhana (1969).


Meanwhile, fans of Rajesh Khanna lined roads and leads for his car kissed as well. Mumtaz, remembers a time when he arrived in Chennai at midnight, the hotel bullied by some 600 foreign women. According to Sharmila Tagore, female fans “married” Mr Khanna photos and requested police protection in public. A famous scene of Amar Prem, together against the bridge from Howrah in Calcutta, could not really become the place since the authorities feared that the bridge collapses under the weight of collected fans. Perhaps, or Amitabh Bachchan craze or Mirza Shah Khan have fever matched the frenzy of fan surrounding Rajesh Khanna at its best.

Rajesh khanna Rajesh Khanna fall film, was when he came, almost as meteoric as his rise to fame. One moment, he played to packed houses, the next moment, he was starring in films of class B with names like W and Goraa. Rishi Kapoor replaces the new movies of loverboy and expelled from romance and drama as a box-office lure action. Rajesh Khanna was widely exceeded 40 when his star began to wane. He had spent more than 20 years at the top of the membranous string meal.

At the end of the 1980’s, it was a faint star in the constellation of Bollywood and by the 1990s that had burned completely. But as his filmy Fortune slipped, his personal charisma has not changed. It has mobilized his troops in the direction of policy, keep a seat Lok Sabha as a member of Congress from 1992 to 1996.

Mr. Khanna continue as the father of the hero or heroine of a film there until recently very little stranger and also appeared in some television series.

Privacy screen was clearly Bohemian Rajesh Khanna.Early in his career, led a life of seven years against the actress Anju Mahendru. At the height of his fame, in1973 he married dimple KAPADIA in bikini, 16 yearsthat provocative debut novel teenager Bobby had done. It was almost 16 years older than her whenthey were married. 11 years and two daughters later,divorced in 1984. She never officially divorced. There were also rumors about transactions with co starsMumtaz and Tina Munim.

Business and political career:Rajesh khanna

At the urging of Rajiv Gandhi, has launched a campaign for the Conference since 1984. During elections for New Delhi sits in the elections of Lok Sabha 1991 lost Khanna LK Advani by a narrow margin of votes 1589 after which Khanna was on the ground at the metering station insisting on the fact that he had cheated in a win. He held a by-election won that seat even in 1992 by Khanna Shatrughan Sinha was beaten with 25,000 votes. Rajesh Khanna was a member of Parliament for the Indian National Congress, in the electoral district of New Delhi, where he won the 1992 local elections, retaining his seat until 1996, after which was not interested in the policy active. When Khanna MP, he did not accept the new connection of the Act, but he acted only in the film of delphine (1994). After leaving Parliament, he was a political Inc. activist and his campaign for the party until the election of 2012 of Punjab.

Acquisition of land Shirdi, which planned to build a religious complex, the followers of Sai Baba of Shirdi Khanna and a group of foreign investors.


Khanna won nominations in 25 of the four best actor Awards Premios Bengal film journalists Association. The special won three best actor, actor and Film fare Award for Film fare Award Hindi 25 years later, in1991, Film fare special award of cinema and a guest in1973. In 2005, 50 of Film fare Awards received Film fare life during the anniversary.

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