Ragging : Crime on soul

ragging an offence
RAGGING : An Offence Crime 

Ragging in the India is a pernicious form of interaction of older persons to the College or school with young, newly arrived or first age. The hazing is similar but not identical to the United States, it is not an initiation. Insults (simple or suggestive sexual, sarcastic, and even physical), shop for groceries for the elderly, and many other complex activities. Very famous Indian schools have a sad history of ragging of the faculties of medicine in particular. He became popular because of several complaints of serious injury to the victims and strict laws on ragging. Ragging is now defined as an act that is contrary to or violates the dignity of each student is observed.
Supreme Court after the commands that a national anti-ragging help line launched by the Government of the India. Students are shredded to send email to helpline@antiragging.in to register your complaint, which may be registered without the disclosure of the names of the reinstallation. If you want that students complain that he or she can even without the revelation of his name, through an anonymous email from ID or by calling the number of the line 1800-180-5522. The Guide for effective action by the complaints registered by it.
History Of Ragging:
The ragging began in the British era, in English and universities colleges but it extends slowly and almost entire educational damaged Indian institutions. The excuse was to learn the social hierarchy in early career and also other important life values as if they were mature enough to know something about values and hierarchy. Many colleges like AIIMS and IIT Delhi, Christian Medical College and National University of engineering, Tirunelveli has a bitter history of ragging, with many of the students in the initiation as unbearable and traumatic period.
What does Ragging mean :
In ragging common language, ragging means jokes about a person or someone to teach him a
lesson. According to the Chambers dictionary.
“Ragging is a rash of organized, usually ignoring the toy
authority, tumultuous party, especially graduates of minors in the United Kingdom
Universities, which is linked to fundraising for charity.”

According to the dictionary of the great encyclopedia reader Digest.

“Ragging means a boisterous conduct, the annual parade of students in”
You fancy dress to raise money for charity, playing jokes or throw
in wild disorder room person etc..”

Origin of Ragging:
Today, ragging crime can be deeply rooted in setting educational Indian, but many are surprised to learn that ragging is originally a Western concept. Assumes that the ragging is the setting in some European universities where more jokes at the time of welcome freshmen played in the configuration. The practice of intimidation, has gradually become popular everywhere in the world. However, with connotations of time ragging, unpleasant and harmful adopted and were sentenced to seriously. Today, almost all countries of the world have adopted strict laws that prohibit ragging, and it was destroyed completely in countries such as the Canada and the Japan. But unfortunately, the India, he inherited a legacy of the British Empire, the ragging has not been able to free themselves from the clutches of these inhumane practices. We can say, without a doubt, that has been committed the worst form of ragging in the India. Infact, according to a survey conducted by the pastor, the India and Sri Lanka are the only two countries in the world where there is intimidation.

How ragging affects the victim:
1. An ugly incident of ragging can leave a permanent scar on the spirit of the victim that may haunt him for years.suicide on for ragging
2. The victim falls into a shell, forcing itself on shame and the alienation from the rest of the world.
3 it demoralizes the victim who joined University life with great hopes and expectations.
4. All incidents or accidents are not news; physical assaults caused ragging also simultaneously severe psychological stress and trauma to the victim.
5. Students who choose to protest against ragging are likely facing ostracism from their elders in the future.
6. Those who succumb to the ragging may hamper its abandonment what career opportunities
7. In extreme cases, there are cases of suicides and homicides reported also.

Revolution against Ragging :

With the situation of criminal  ragging getting worse every year, creates a spontaneous movement of anti-bizutage in the India. Various voluntary organizations that have stations to raise awareness and make provision for assistance to the victims have arisen.
Online groups uproot the intimidation of India Coalition (CURE), Stoprag was, and ragging Foundation was not the main groups Anti Ragging on the Internet. Among them, the Foundation not ragging has become an NGO full and registered as a society against violence in education (SAVE), recorded for the first time Anti Ragging organization non-profit from India (NGO). These working groups on issues related to ragging. Each of them is active against intimidation by groups in line and Web sites.
The Indian media have played a crucial role by incidents of intimidation and indifference of many institutions reduce the right to expose. The Supreme Court of India has addressed in his provisional judgment, which can act even against negligent institutions.

Material of laws that prohibit ragging:
Four laws against ragging are :

1. the prohibition of ragging law of 1996. (Application in the State of Tamil Nadu).
2. Ragging act 1998 – prohibition of Kerala
3. Ragging law of Mumbai 1999.
4. the prohibition of ragging in schools Act 2000 (applicable in the State of Bengal).

Some Examples: 2012

Kolaghat case

First year student of electronics and Instrumentation in Kolaghat engineering faculty was allegedly assaulted by their elders outside the University campus while the boy in West Midnapore was on its way back. On 29 August, older persons with covered faces cut boy arm, neck and back and threatened with dire consequences if he returned to the University. His parents filed a complaint with the University Director Naredra Nath Jana and Kolaghat police on Monday.
This is not the first time that a brilliant student of Daspur resident lives, we find such a destiny.
“My son used to complain is abused and tortured the elderly.” We told her that it was a passing phase and urged him to concentrate on his study, “Subhro’s father Tapas Samanta said Jana ordered a probe into the attack.
Bangalore case
A student of second year of management, Shobhonesh Naskar died as a result of intimidation by their own comrades. University denies the case because it is that it can impair the reputation. Research is carried out. His father told that Shobhonesh was thrown from roof while he was talking to his mother by his room mates .ragging shatters dreams

Impact of Ragging :
Ragging is an offence a crime takes dreams away thrash souls shatter dreams and leaves memories of pain grief within one’s heart . We can’t imagine about those parents who sees their child dead once they have sent him or her to study away from them to make his dream and wishes fulfill and imagine how they faces their own son’s/daughter’s dead body . Sometimes emotions get buried but it always remain heart and from inside the person becomes dead or coward to face situations of the world .

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