RACISM : A CURSE ON MOTHERLAND wertgh‘Racism’ A Big Problem Australia, Melbourne and 2009, crimes and offences, which described Australia as a racist Indians were announced in India report pop against the media, primarily in Australia this year 23.152 the Indians as the students events include Race attack India government investigation concludes. 120913 students of India were taking education from Australia and making their future secure. For indain students in 2004 and 2009, to study in Australia increased from 32,000 97000 Indians are the largest group of India students at the University level in Australia. Some students to apply for permanent residence in Australia, to come up with more in India, From a campaign meeting in the school are op-ed, noted that many of the cost-of-living in Australian cities, those students who live further afield and good market in the suburbs, have been made when necessary against risk, discrimination against Indian students and exploit other, shelter and employment, pointed out. 2007-2008, 13.7 billion dollars of exports, international education in tuition, living expenses, including income, as measured by all categories contributed to the Australian economy and tourism, visiting family members.

Inder Panjwani, Australian education AAERI (India), Secretary-General of the Association of representatives said that some Indian students to cancel their registration, because [they feared attacks] Australian universities was the most likely. Racism is the belief that you can include only those features and capabilities, on the basis of their race, and that some racial groups above others. racism and discrimination during the fight the powerful weapons and RACISMeconomic crisis and in time of war, hatred or fear of each other, as has been used In the similar freedom of expression in article 19 of the Universal Declaration of human rights and related issues as racism will play even for some people this is a very sensitive issue. Some argue that talk support racial discrimination or freedom of speech, only the words bias and these ideas without any words to say other. to the extent (the Nazi government policy is an example) the results are very serious and can lead to very serious.

Melbourne and Sydney, Australia racist country of attacks on Indian students in the Indian media, wave. The magazine hits due to argue in Australia warn of ‘ curries and culture blogs of people around the world to protest against attacks on Internet forums. And some argue that most of the attacks are purely criminal. The United States of America for three years in India as a student, still on the basis of their race in the instance of the Indians. I have never seen my Us friends saying that Indians are safe studying in foreign countries. In Australia, but it can occur anywhere on the Indians.

RACISMEven in India there are some racial prejudices cases actually are, whether caste discrimination to racial discrimination as well as the discussion on. Although the attack was unfair, unjust and wrong in Australia, some people say it’s hard to classify them as racist, others believe that the number is too high for their acts of violence. Even those who believe that attacks race as loans were based on the global economic downturn. About 93000 indigenous students in Australia last week, hundreds of them to protect their rights on the part of the authorities more marched through Sydney’s calls to action.

In the Supreme Court to prevent such events, participate in preventive diplomacy urged the Government of India filed a public interest petition on Wednesday. Now it seems that even on behalf of students who are members of the Bollywood Director Mohit Suri. announced it as a movie script-based attacks Australia. What is the idea? They are Indians binds Australia petty offenders? Or these racist attacks?

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