Priety Zinta Vs Ness Wadia ( Not Every Love Story Has Happy Ending)

Priety Zinta Vs Ness Wadia

She was a top actress, he was a top trader met them both, Cupid hit and it was the beginning of a fairy tale preeti zinta 1romance, but not all love stories have a happy ending and an ugly turn.

Priety Zinta Vs Ness Wadia Case Story :
Increase row front row seats end up on Kings XI Punjab Pavillion vankhede Stadium in Grover co-owners for Preity Zinta and Ness Wadia Movietone showdown between “Wadia Movietone, insisting that Mama Maureen Wadia Movietone, including his family, Preity Zinta and cricket player David Miller family, trapped, sitting in the front row, said sources with full public opinion”.

On Thursday this week the police Preity Zinta as a statement.

Sources said that when the power of the Wankhede Stadium, Wadia Movietone 30 May 8:15 pm came with his familypreeeti 2 in the proximity of the events took place. Eyewitnesses said the contest has already started then and Preity Zinta in the front row of David Miller (South African Kings XI Punjab players) sitting with.

Ness Wadia Movietone, allegedly insisted that his family was sitting in the first row and Kings XI Chief Operating Officer (COO) Fraser Castellino empty seats for his family. Preity Zinta Castellino said, but he denied.

Ness Wadia Movietone were to refuse, and during a match, where the Kings XI Punjab beat the Chennai Super Kings of contention remains that found out who lost their cool Ness Wadia Movietone and Preity Zinta and insults exchanged leaving the stadium.

Sentimental Preity Zinta-Ness Wadia Movietone practices apparently IPL President spoke after Ranjib caught, but there was no official complaints have been registered with the BCCI, Council sources said. the case was sent to the handsome Ramon, COO of IPL.

On the basis of a complaint, the police departments Preity Zinta (female outraging modesty), 354, and case 509504 (a breach of the peace), 506 (criminal prosecution).

Started to settle case outside the court

preeti 3Despite complaints about annoying celebrities DIN Bollywood Preity Zinta in her ex boyfriend Ness Wadia Movietone, do not want to die, by the Telegraph that both parties the possibility of out-of-court settlement of disputes began his reported. The report adds that the focus that Zinta Kings XI Punjab in 23 per cent of the interest on the purchase of the periodic report: settlement discussed points according to the sources, who refused to Kings XI Punjab, sale of interest in Preity. “they’re the IPL and very public row with the change of Ness after the United States intends to sell. To Los Angeles, where he spends most of his time now to buy the property. one friend of the IPL season Preity tijdensIn India, it said.

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