Pride of America : Statue of Liberty

A vast neoclassical sculpture statue of liberty New York, Manhattan, New York City is at Liberty Island in the middle of the port. Frederic Augusta Bartholdi the statue, designed by the United States of America the statue dressed female with a flashlight and a tabula ansata free from bondage on their feet is one of the United States of America and the United States.

Torch-bearing arm in 1876 in Philadelphia and New York Madison Square Park from 1882 to the 1876 Centennial Exhibition shown. Fundraising proved especially difficult for Ame
ricans, and in 1885, base due to lack of resources working on threatened. Publisher Joseph Pulitzer’s New York World project which has more than 120,000 employees that’s over at least one dollar is donated to the given drew the statue of libertystatue completed on France when completed given Bedloe’s Island base was called prior to the completion of the statue ticker tape parade in New York have been characterized by a ceremony presided over by President Grover Cleveland did.

Statue in 1901, the United States Lighthouse Board by the Ministry of war was driven by us; National Park Service since 1933 during very time. For the renovation of the statue in 1938 has a major restoration seemed to have deteriorated
while the statue to torch from 1984 to 1986, have been closed and replaced by more internal structure after the 9 reasons; The pedestal reopened in 2004 and the number of visitors in 2009 with no restrictions on the statue can climb to the Crown the statue, including pedestal, to base one year October 28, 2012, has closed a secondary staircase and other security tools may be installed; Liberty Island is opened but after being opened one day Island closed due to effects of natural calamity.

More info on the statue of liberty:

September 11, 2001, for the first time since the statue of liberty on August 3, 2004, the observation deck reopened. statue of libertyJuly 4, 2009, he opened the Taj are willing (and able) 354 visitors markets because of Liberty Island was hurt by a natural calamity since 2013 after reopening Memorial Day weekend.
Safety for visitors to the statue of liberty is very serious-everyone’s safety (inspection of luggage x-rays and metal detectors to walk through including) clears front will be aboard the ferry. Participants, Crown to visit the statue of liberty pedestal in front of the statue in the Museum of security must clear a second time.
Specific time Crown tickets and passes are not available for Museum/stand (877-Lady-TIX), by phone or in person at the box office online ferry there is no extra charge for passes, and visitors without tickets still can visit Liberty Island.
He heads as it was in 2001, with their eyes high on that day that took place facing the water House has held the magnitude seen.

Facts about the Statue of Liberty

The full name is statue of liberty  enlightening the world statue.

It is in France, the united States were a gift from 1886.

The head of the statue at the universal exhibition of 1878-Paris has been posted.

It has a torch and the American Declaration of independence (July 4, 1776) date on which the Tablet is registered. The torch atop the statue measures 93 meters from the ground and 204 tones.ladies Liberty wears a shoe size 879.

It is a size of 35 feet

There are 25 windows in the Crown.

Laboulaye is a large memorial to the United States from France as a gift to the American Revolution to the celebration of the victory of the Union and the abolition of slavery should be seen as hears.

Laboulaye also hope the statue of Napoleon III French against an oppressive monarchy under his own will fight for democracy.

300 different types of hammers of copper were used to create the structure.

In 1984, the original torch was the statue a new torch copper with gold leaf 24 k covered replaced

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