Petra – Jordan

Petra is a historic and archeological city in the country of Jordan and it is a part of Governorate of Ma’an. It is one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. The place is also a UNESCO World heritage Site and the place is known for elaborate stone cut architecture and it is also referred as the rose city because of the color of stone of which it is made up of. The Petra is known to be established around 312 B.C by the Nabataeans. Petra has several carved tombs which are around 800 in number. Among the entire Petra structure the Treasury is the oldest around 2000 years old.

PetraThe land of the Governorate of Ma’an hosts many historic sites. Ma’an was the capital of the Arab state declared by Emir Abdullah for a short period of time. Nabateans hold the credit of what Ma’an and Petra is today and the magnificent sights are their gift to the Middle East and the entire world. In the 7th century A.D. Later Ma’an fell in the hands of Islamic Khaliphate. If you ask about the religions of the Nabataeans. They worshipped Arab gods of pre-Islamic times and many statues carved show the same.

Petra is mostly known for number of Individual monuments which include tombs, temples, gateways which are carved out of sandstone and recall the legacy of the Middle East. Petra’s main deity Dushara’s bust is the most popular monument over here. Entire Petra is full of surprises and is a fine example of marvelous architecture.   The monuments speak in themselves and are truly remarkable. Though the governorate of Amman is very small, the city is known all over the world because of Petra.

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