Overnight Success – The Real Meaning

Often people are heard saying that Mr. X got an overnight success or the Z Company reaped huge benefits within a very short time frame. The people who say these are the ones who have eight her don’t have proper knowledge about any of the persons or the companies or they try to befool others. The truth is something very different and it can only be known when you dig deep in to the roots of Start-up businesses or the guys. When you get the chance to talk to such people, they will tell you that it took them at least 10 to 15 years to become an overnight success. Minimum 10 years of dedication and determination were required from the end of these Start-up guys which took them to the new heights and few people call it overnight success.

If we look at few real life examples we would know that gaming company Rovi Entertainment was a start-up and it came to be recognized only after it launched the game ‘Angry Bird’ which is known worldwide. The game was the 52nd game of the company and it took 8 long years for the company to make their mark in the industry. If we talk another example we can take ‘Pinterest’ which is one of the fastest growing mobile &web Application Company which was founded by small entrepreneurs and took a number of years to achieve success. The CEO himself admits that in starting he had a very bad phase, but he continued and today each and everyone are aware of what ‘Pinterest’ is.OvernightSuccess

There are a number of people who circulate stories about the immediate success of start-ups but escape the struggle and the time frame required to achieve the success of that standard. Unsuccessful start-ups generally create huge hypes because people present it with the entire spicy flavor. These foolish people are the same who never have the courage to start something new and whenever someone makes an initiative and fails, then are always the first to make the mockery. Vice versa who succeed, they have a common phrase about them i.e. ‘they are lucky and were destined to be rich overnight. They never see the hard work and perseverance on the part of successful people.

Here are my last words. Always be creative to make an initiative. Biggest of all, is patient. 10- 15 years is a decent time to receive success. Nothing happens and if by chance someone encounters one, then it won’t be sustainable as it is said that what you get overnight, it tends to vanish overnight. So stay creative, be patient and keep distance from the negative people and ones who create hypes.

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