Nowruz – The Persian New Year

On March 21st Persian, Shia Muslims and Parsee people celebrate the festival of Nowruz, the Persian Happy New Year. Let’s look exactly what is Nowruz and how and why is it celebrated. Nowruz marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the year. Nowruz is observed as a holy day for Sufi Muslims and Baha’i’ faith also. The festival is being celebrated on the dawn of Vernal equinox when the day time and night time is aprox equal duration.  It is celebrated in the country of Iran,Iraq, Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. It’s a national holiday in these days and they celebrate this festival with pomp and show.

Nowruz means a new day and if we go on finding its root then it would date back to 6th century. If we speak of the legends then king Jamshed, the king of Persia was crowned as the king of the empire and he was the one who invented the estimated Persian calendar and he was the one who determined the New Year and that’s the reason till today king Jamshed is respected by the Persian community.   Nowruz

Nowruz is a big festival for the communities mentioned above and it’s the day when they do spring cleaning in their house and wear new clothes. Visiting each other’s house is a common practice on this day generally the elders are given respect are they are wished. On this day all the people wear new clothes and various eateries are being prepared in each home. Fe w of the famous dishes are Ash-e-Reshteh which is a dish prepared from Noodles. Other dishes include Samanu, naan berenji and noghi which are typical Parsee dishes and are sweet in taste. Until 12 days Nowruz is celebrated and people continue to enjoy for this period.

So it’s Happy Nowruz from my side and do visit your Parsee or Muslim friends to give them good wishes and to have delicious Persian delicacies.

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