Must Try Adventure Sports Before You Die

Nothing would be better than adventure sports. When we are 20 something, at that time we are full of life and with the least responsibilities. At that point of time it is essential to do some acts full of adrenaline rush. Below I have mentioned few of the adventure sports which should be tried by each and every at least once in a lifetime.

Sky Diving – It is one of the most adventurous and breathtaking sport. It is very difficult to even imagine standing at a height of thousand meters on a doorway of a helicopter.  A parachute is attached on your back and there is group of professionals who guide you through the way.  You along with your friends can visit Karnataka to try the sport.

scuba divingScuba Diving 
– Sea water is a magic in itself and it has always been a mystery for human beings. There is a whole world inside the sea water and scuba diving is one way to discover a part of it. Goa is the best place to experience the same. Scuba diving requires a formal training and there are seasoned professionals who teach the entire thing.  Under water world is great and it would fill you with the thrill to see fishes and water life in its real form.

 River RaftingRiver Rafting – Rishikesh is the best place for river rafting in India. You can visit with your gang here and hire a boat.  The experience of rafting is great and from my own experience I can say that when you are in the mid of river Ganges it appears that you would drown but as it is popularly said “Dar Kea Age Jeet Hai”.

BUNGY JUMPBungee Jumping- This is my personal favorite and I have experienced it myself in Rishikesh.  It just ends in seconds but those few seconds are a life changing experience. Jumping from 80-90 meter with rubber chords on ankles provides you adrenaline rush like never before.

Paragliding/Parasailing – A paragliding is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft. It is done Paraglidingmostly in Manali.  This aircraft doesn’t have any engine and in spite of that fact the journey ends for hours and kilometers. The takeoff starts from a run and no motor is involved in the entire process. There are different types of paragliding like hand gliding, powered paragliding.


Mountain Biking- Mountain biking is a great sport as well as it is very adventurous. It is a real fun to explore ups and downs of mountains and the terrains.  It needs a bit of training and there are a few centers in Leh Ladakh, Sikkim.Mountain Biking

These adventure sports are a class apart and would certainly leave you with an experience of life time. So don’t waste your time sitting idly at home or drinking with your friends and head towards any of the location for your favorite adventure sports.

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