Movavi Video Converter for Mac Review – AVI to MP4 Conversions!

MovaviSeeing as you own a Mac, it is a safe bet that you, like many others around the world, are a fan of Apple’s products – and odds are you probably own an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. If that is true, then you’ll know that one of the biggest issues present in these devices is that they tend to handle AVI files extremely badly. In fact, most cannot even play those files.

Switching to a Compatible Format

Frankly speaking, AVI is probably one of the most widely used formats of video in the world – which is why Apple’s mobile devices being unable to play it often represents a very real problem. If you want to view these files on your iPhone or iPod, the easiest solution is to simply convert them to a compatible format – such as MP4.

It is worth noting that although Apple’s mobile devices cannot handle the majority of AVI files, they are able to handle AVI files that were encoded using Quicktime codecs. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, very few AVI files are actually encoded this way.

With the presets in the Movavi Video Converter for Mac, you’ll find that you can switch your AVI to MP4 with just a click of the button. Even if you have no prior knowledge of video conversions, file formats or anything of that nature, all you need to do is select the preset to convert AVI to MP4 and you’re good to go.

Because Movavi is able to convert videos so fast, the finished MP4 video should be ready relatively quickly. With this video converter you’ll also be able to perform other edits and tweaks according to your liking too, and even extract the audio, or optimize it for tablets or smartphones.

In fact, some of the presets deal specifically with optimizing your video conversions for all the latest mobile devices – including the latest iPad and iPhone.

Long story short, to convert AVI to MP4 Mac is really quite easy when you have a tool as powerful as this one in your corner. There is really nothing else you need, and before you know it all those pesky AVI files will be neatly encoded in MP4 format and ready for you to transfer over your iPod, iPhone or iPad and view as and when you see fit to do so.

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