Michael Dark Releases Information on World’s Most Expensive Flowers

Online florist Michael Dark has released new information on the most expensive flowers in the world. It is hoped that this will create a greater understanding of why they are being charged certain prices as well.

Every day, there are reports about celebrity divas requesting flowers in their dressing rooms that are all but impossible to get. One effect of this is that people are becoming more interested in those types of flowers. The media encourages people to look up to celebrities and to try and emulate their lifestyle, after all. Michael Dark, an online florist based in Newton Abbot, Devon, has today released information on what the world’s most expensive flowers actually are. Those who do want to live a celebrity lifestyle, in other words, had better have a celebrity bank account as well.Michael Dark Releases Information on World sbnew.com

“We felt it was time to demonstrate just how expensive some flowers can be”, says www.michaeldark.co.uk ‘s spokesperson. “While we have never had a Beyonce requesting something almost impossible, we would be able to if she showed up. However, this would also come with a certain price tag.”

Michael Dark has spent a number of months looking through trends, online florists, flower shows and more. This has helped them to find out just what the world’s most expensive flowers actually are. In order of most to least expensive, they are:

  1. The 17th Century Tulip Bulb, which costs around £500 for each bud. Even when it was first grown, back in 1673, this particular flower was incredibly expensive. The flower is both exceptional and rare, which are two reasons why it is so expensive.
  2. The Glorosia, which costs around £5 for each flower. This flower only grows in South Africa and some parts of Asia. It is a stunning flower and truly unusual plant. Its leaves can get as long as three meters and the flowers have unusual flexed petals. They are available in yellow, orange, yellow-green and red.
  3. The Hydrangea, which is a reasonably popular flower in the UK, will cost around £3 for each stem. Each stem grows a number of small flowers in a circular bunch. The flower is native to various parts of Asia and South America and comes in a range of different colours, including light purple, blue, pink and violet. Unfortunately, they wilt very quickly, which is why people need to purchase these flowers on the day they want to display them, as they won’t last much longer. The cost of the Hydrangea reflects how hard it is to cultivate and produce this particular flower.
  4. The Lily of the Valley, which is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular flowers, can cost around £25 for a bundle. The flower only blooms in May, when it must be harvested for sale. They smell beautifully and are long lasting flowers, which make them very popular. The blooms are shaped like small bells, and they are nicknamed “lady’s tears”. The reason why these flowers are expensive is because they are very high maintenance to grow.

The Lisianthus, which looks almost like a silk rose. It is a delicate flower in a soft lavender shade and they are often used as a garden flower. However, they require a lot of care and attention, which is also reflected in their price, standing at around £17.50 for a bundle.

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