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Era of Mass Communcation :

Is mass communication study of communication with the masses? Yes, Yes. But there is more to it than that. Mass communication’s stories with  strategy and purpose. The study of mass communication focuses on how messages to persuade and  influence the behaviour and opinion of the person or persons receiving the content.

Communication is a vital and seamless part of everyday life of the converted man. Today’s society depends on mass communication-morning TV feeds from social networks and Blogs; Custom advertising content is sponsored by some company of the brand. Messages sent by mass communicators to help inform the public and often set the agenda and the public. Mass communicators help people develop an understanding of social problems and make informed decisions. The public generally depends on mass communication for more information about goods and services that are available for purchase or use.

Trained mass communicators know the best way to reach the most people or their messages to those who are most interested in the post. Use mass communicators through journalism newspapers, TV, radio, newspapers, Blogs, websites, mobile applications and social networks to reach their audience. Of PUBLIC RELATIONS of strategic  communication arts or strategic professionamass communication l advertising messages about a product, a brand, a business or a service. With the diversification and development of mass communication, the area has been extended with a wide range of digital applications and social networks.

The use of effective channels of communication are becoming increasingly important in the global environment and the pace fast today. The study and the impact of mass communication and understanding of effective, ethical, and various messages, has never been more important.

At the school of journalism at the University of Minnesota social communication students learn the skills required for effective  mass communicators, informed, strategic and ethical-regardless of the medium.

Related studies :                   

1) degree in social communication

(2) the program in mass communication P.G.mass3

(3) P.G. diploma in journalism (English)

(4) P.G. diploma in journalism (Hindi)

(5) P.G. diploma in PR ; advertising

(6) P.G. diploma in Radio ; TV journalism

(7) in direction of video, video output, analog photography

(8) courses specialized in direction of Photo  video

Institutions/universities offer courses related to:

1 Anna Malai University, Chennai

2 Madurai Kamraj University, Chennai.

3 symbiosis Institute of social communication, journalism  Pune

4 University of Pune  journalism Department of communication,

5. New Delhi YMCA, Center for media.

6 the Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai

7 Asian College of journalism, Chennai

8  Patnotola Lane, Kolkata Oxford College of education,

9 film television Institute of India (FTII)  Chennai KolkataMAS COMMUNICATION

10 Assam University

11 University of Calcutta

Aligarh Muslim University, 12.

13 Banaras Hindu University, up to

14 guru Nanak Dev University

15 Punjab University

16 Kurukshetra University, Haryana

17 Marcus Lal Nehru University, New Delhi

18   New Delhi guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University,

21 Nagpur University

22. Aurangabad Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada

23 Osmania University, Hyderabad

24 Karnataka University, Karnataka

 Large companies:

Hindustan Times Group for publication

Chain NDTVmass communication

Network TV

The Group’s publication of the India times



Group 18 TV

Great entertainment and many others.

Different roles, different names:

Profiles of work offered to the graduates of mass communication are as follows:

Fashion Photographer


TV correspondent


Radio Jockey/RJmass4

Scenario Writer

Sound Engineer

Mixer audio and sound recordist

Special correspondent

Video Jockey

Art Director


Event Handling

Public Relations Officer

Package charged:

Candidates from IIMC, Jamia, MCRC symbiosis College and many other institutions have attractive locations after their courses and their wonderful treatments, ask students to work of the well-known institutions is pas-si-although hard-to-reach places. Salary for a professional can start mass communication between 12 000 and 25 000 Rs. after five years of work experience in a professional can expect to pay higher in the range of Rs Rs 50,000, 1, 00, 000 a month.


The field of mass communication are distributed, requires a combination of knowledge and skills. Different regions mass2require different qualities, but better for someone else on one of the fields of mass communication require sure the average performance in everything you do. It’s not easy to enter and to evolve is also difficult. Excellent ability to communicate, in order that a good team player is usually important, besides surely and hardworking. Counting endurance and physical strength of a course in mass comm

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