Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 of Ukraine crashes

Authorities have declared  298 people deaths, as Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 of Ukraine crashes , near the Russian malaysian flightborder, allegedly was shot down three babies are not counted previously updated.

Number includes people from: Netherlands, Malaysia 43 154 (including 15 crew 2 kids), Australia, 27, Indonesia 12 (including 1 child), United Kingdom 9, Germany 4, Belgium 4, Philippin
es 3, Canada 1, and New Zealand 1. Today, there are 40 nationalities unverified.

A number of passengers were on its way to an international AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia. Name was not confirmed, but it is believed that several members who were going to conduct the research of HIV/AIDS  were among the dead.

Malaysia Airlines is still in contact with the relatives of the dead passengers, but said in a statement that they will release the list of passengers, when they are done with the investigation.

Australian politician Prime Minister Tony Abbott said, it became evident that the plane supported rebels and joined world leaders in demanding that an impartial investigation was slaughtered by the multinational Russia. He said that Australia allow for a resolution of the UN Security Council would vote for an investigation.

malaysian flight crashes Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko negotiated with pro-Russian separatists, which make the area around the crash site to monitor a humanitarian corridor.

The separatists claimed that the black box flight recorders from plane and leaders have called approve.

Poroshenko said a global security threat of Russian aggression.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered alleged Russian military and civilian authorities to cooperate with an investigation, but he also said that Ukraine has the responsibility for the incident.

Air safety experts have criticized the Malaysia Airlines to fly over the airspace of Ukraine, but the company claims that the trajectory with the civil aviation authorities of trips was kept safe.

The plane was 1,000 feet above the danger zone. Other airlines said that they started a few months ago to avoid the airspace over the rebel region or to distract the Malaysia Airlines in all planes of them now closed.

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