Landslide :Threatened Malin Maharashtra near Pune

maharashtra malin landslide Malin, Maharashtra: rescuers took out  other 29 bodies after mud and debris from last night’s calamity so far 73 people were killed in a village near Pune in Maharashtra, a massive landslide dug .

Nearly 80 still stranded feared, but hoped to find survivors of persistent rain and strong winds continued to hamper rescue efforts appear black with wetland .

Only eight people alive from the landslide struck early Wednesday issued, more than 40 houses in the village of Malin flattened a mountainous terrain near Pune which  is located around  120 kilometers.

Rescuers shift through the debris hundreds of working hard to say ,the dog is on duty  and is detecting  signs of life in 15 feet of mud and debris machines are  practically useless.

As the houses are been buried and the land is too wet it is very difficult to survive for the people  that were buried under layers of dark,” Gautam Government, said a senior official involved in the rescue work.

Alok Avasthy  said that additional machinery was brought for the rescue , team national disaster response force (NDRF), operations Chief who research effort estimates will go for another two days.

Pramila Lopez, 25, and her three months baby Rudra, which was fine with no major injuries in the hospital, his home after being protected by Tin wall relief of handful were among the child’s cry baby and as far as breathing space has attracted the attention of rescuers who were  in that  area .pune landslideTo fix the body of the missing persons to rest, doctors said post-mortem examinations showed that the victims had suffered serious fractures and heavy battering of blows.

The situation is very worse that they can’t stand the stench of decomposed bodies NDRF to wear masks. (Built crematorium village. very soon, it will be used)

Mass cremations pyres volunteers Friday, arriving on trucks and wood and kerosene tank has been preparing for with.

The Government of each of those killed 5 million families have announced assistance of RS.

Chief Minister prithviraj Chavan late Thursday said that people living in areas prone to landslides, such disasters should be offset to avoid due to the landslides, he said “cutting of trees. Building activitiestook place on the hills and mountains to “press trustof India News Agency he, told his Cabinet, according to officials, citing agriculture has been flattened.

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