Kapil Dev : Wisden Indian cricketer of century

Wisden Indian cricketer of century :

kapil dev
Early life:

Kapil Dev was born as Kapil Dev Nikhanj Ram Lal Nikhanj R, a building and timber contractor and his wife Raj Kumari in Chandigarh, 06 January 1959. His parents had emigrated from Rawalpindi during the India division.
Kapil Dev-cricket Kapil Dev who became popular during the British raj, but was largely because the two players that the game has become a household name in the India in the 1980’s. These two were Sunil Gavaskar and Kapil Dev. Indeed, Kapil ruled the heads and the hearts of a generation in the 1980’s and followed. The emergence of Kapil Dev, India was known for deadly spinners and his rise coincided with the decline of the spider famous Quartet Bedi, Prasanna, Chandrasekhar and Virginia S.
Kapil Dev was the best player of pace bowling India has produced, and their great bowling fast, versatile. Look and strength of this man who was the biggest beneficiary at some point was stop test cricket and one day. With Imran Khan, Ian Botham and Richard Hadlee, Kapil Dev was considered the best round of his time.
Achievements and awards:
Kapil Dev, the man who was still the main strike bowler for almost 15 years, India needs no introduction. On many occasions, he won their games only for the India and easily become the more popular up in the pais-muchacho pin. For a quick Indian Launcher 434 wickets in test cricket is a great success. Khaled was only 20 years old, has a new record of 1000 points, and taking 100 wickets. He made this recording within a period of one year and only 109 days.
Domestic cricket career:
Kapil gave his best performance of his first time in a match against Bengal, where 7 wickets give you only 20 points in just 9 overs in the second round. Although Haryana was beaten by the Bombay team in the quarter-finals, brought his performance his talent in the spotlight.

Test cricket made its debut with a match played against Pakistan in Faisalabad in 1978. During the third Test match played in Karachi, scored half a century fast created by each player Indian cricket from only 33 balls.
One day international (ODI) debut Kapil was made on 01 October 1978, in a match played against Pakistan in Quetta. He scored 13 points and 1 door 27 remain in the game.

Thank you for the Proud you brought to our country :

Post Retirement:

National coach of the India Cricket
Kapil dev was appointed coach of the Indian cricket in successive 1999 Anshuman Gaekwad team. In his tenure, India has won only a test match (at home against New Zealand) and had two defeats of big series in Australia (3-0) and at home against South Africa (2-0) and is generally considered a disappointment. At the height of the accusation of the match fixing of Manoj Prabhakar, a charge that was rejected later resigned from his post as national coach taken Kapil. Stung by the controversy of bet, he announced his retirement to say that “I said goodbye to the game that has given so much and then take a large part of it on the mere rumor of a third party.[49] after a brief interval, succeeded him as coach of the former drummer of New Zealand John Wright, who became the first foreign coach of the India.
Return to Cricket:

Kapil devAfter a period of silence, away from the public eye, Kapil returned to cricket when the company as one of the 16 finalists for the century of the India Company Player award announced in July 2002. Wear long team couples Kapil Gavaskar and Tendulkar favourite to win by the price of the crowd and claimed as “my moment of glory.
Kapil slowly return to cricket as a bowling consultant and coach of bowling in the field of preparation for the turn of the century of the India of Pakistan in March 2004. In October 2006, Kapil Dev was named President of the national Cricket Academy for a period of 2 years.
In 2005, she starred in a brief role in the cult film Iqbal written by Vipul K Rawal, where it is played. Initially, the Director was not willing to approach him, but the writer Vipul K Rawal lower your foot if the role is written to keep it in mind.
In June 2007, BCCI responded by revoking the pension for all players who are registered in the ICL, including Kapil Dev. on 21 August 2007, Khaled was removed from the Presidency of the National Academy of Cricket, one day after an official press conference by the new Indian Cricket League. July 25, 2012, Kapil Dev BCCI who renounced the rebel League ICL has been reported and will continue to support them, so the road to return to the fold of the BCCI.

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