Indian Hockey ( Are we vanishing )

Indian hockey ( Are we lost ) :

Indian hockey was on it’s peak when Major Dhaynchand  played world winning team , now we qualify for our own national game’s world cup sport.   Field hockey World Cup ended on Sunday with the men’s Australia victory trophy for the second consecutive time Indian hockey and WINS his third World Cup. The India also participated and finished ninth. She was eighth in the latest edition which held the World Cup finish at home. India last won the trophy in 1975.

This will lead to many negative feelings undoubtedly House. Some knee jerk reactions will be sought and provided. A more “new beginning” is to prepare our team for the Olympic Games of 2016 or 2018 FIFA World Cup. An authentic analysis, but may be missing.

Where sole India in this tournament? Why improve in spite of use can be foreign coach, short corner specialist modern physiotherapy and packed in accordance with a preparation of agenda?

India started with foreign coach almost a decade later, felt that Indian bus of modern technology requirements in a fast developing game was missing.

In this World Cup highlight poor defence of India. They played two short-corner specialist Raymundo and Rupinderpal to defend the two behind international standard. Is a bit of a shock to the completion of the World Cup, which India,  once a target of 18 penalty corners earned result in 6 games. Worse still, that they had confessed to 26 penalty corners the opposition marked 7. India had not meet a series of penalty corner specialists, international standards as a depth Defender fell, but we play both at the same time. The India continues to play both throughout the 70-minute runtime. It was a big mistake. It was the brilliance of goalkeeper of India the most goals India Ravindran Sreejesh in the tournament saved a dozen of admit. Euan was probably seeing the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

The debate between Indian and European style of the games has been for a long time. It has been suggested that the passports and outnumbered, instead of its traditional skilled dribbling system in close duels European style, India. This debate is not, reply to win the bronze medal, as Argentina, managed during the play of a brand most skillful, tight duel of the World Cup of hockey.

Indian boy Júnior levels continue so far are trained in traditional style. When the Federation was convinced that we need to change our style, this change in the age group level must have started then for years. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Coach of India abandon outdated lessons of NIS to train their whole lives and Patiala after continue to districts with this old method. Updating courses certificate are very rarely and for a select few coaches thought that, if they are organized. It wasn’t made no attempt to modernize this crucial aspect of Indian hockey. There is a significant difference between Indian and European or Australian coaches and tried over the past decade, this gap and Indian coaching to circumvent the talent to develop.


Indian hockey

The real reason to do well is because hockey administrator in the country was not an idea that India is a competitive game. Best international trainers are needed, but he is also a foreign coach is not a guarantee that is the best. The coaches, that India has appointed the national team had none of the most recent ice hockey coaching experience. Them or coach on the side of women’s and men’s team coach for a long time–and so out of touch with the latest understanding of strategies and methods. The experiment is also affected by the Alliance, giving them a select pool of players to choose from. They do not participate in national tournaments, with the exception of nationals of the new talent in a competitive environment saw the benefits. The fact that the talent was trained in the old-style level Júnior exacerbates the problem.

The situation now looks overwhelming, but it can be improved for a time. India is a five-year plan to dramatically change the game in the country should adopt. Capacity of the foreign coach of the ages, the national coach,  which may give them the vision of the national team for the next five years. Then I have to give full support to the implementation of the Programme of the Alliance. This may help you to be a significant development in Indian hockey.

This change is important at this time. It should be a long-term strategy that planned and carried out by a dedicated team of professionals. Piecemeal solutions will continue to hurt, by the way, that for us, and this column once you have to write, come the next Olympics or World Cup.

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