Heaven on Earth Cries : Flood In Jammu and Kashmir

jammu floodSo far, more than 50,000 people were rescued, but hundreds of prisoners are still resigned here Wednesday as the floods. Officials said 215 people died in the floods of Jammu and Kashmir.

“If flood waters recede completely, and we’re getting all submerged areas, we’re not sure about the exact price in those waters,” said a senior official of the State.

Many are trapped in  Jammu and Srinagar alone, which emerged during the night between Saturdayand Sunday in water.

Officials said 50,000 marooned people have been rescued so far in the State, but  they confirmed on wednesday that A lot more are still in the submerged areas could becompensated.

The water level of the Jhelum continue to rise in Srinagar and the Kashmir Valley on Wednesday.

A rescue operation has been running since Sunday afternoon in more than two dozen residential areas of Srinagar.

The rescued people told stories of the worst nightmares of your life. They said that the cries for help has been stopped in  many others  areas, indicating that they might have died or had resigned to their fate and knew that his bleak prospects for survival.

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