Heartthrob of the Nation Salman Khan Sentenced 5 Years Jail

The session court has sentenced 5 years jail to the most eligible bachelor and heart beat of millions, the superstar of Bollywood Salman Khan in the hit and run case of 2003. He was further ordered to stop paying compensation to the family of the victim.

Well it all happened like this. If news is to be believed, then Salman khan was heavily drunk when he rammed his Toyota land cruiser into a bakery in sub urban bakery in Bandra on September 28th 2002.  The accident left 1 person dead and 4 other injured. Salman allegedly fled from the scene without even noticing what happened to those victims.Salman Khan

But as per defense lawyer of the actor Shrikant Shivade, it was a tyre burst in the car which led the accident and it was the driver driving the vehicle and not Salman. The case was registered in 2003 and since then more than 27 witnesses have been interrogated and cross examined.

Since the month of April all the final hearings were going on and May the 6th was declared as the judgment day. Near about 1:30 PM the verdict was out and reel life hero was declared guilty.  Judge D W Deshpande announced the sentence. It took 12 long years for the victims to get justice. The actor is taken into the custody and he would be taken to Arthur road jail.  Actor’s lawyer would move to high court for bail on 7th May.

Many leading celebrities of Bollywood arrived at the actor’s residence to console the family as Salman is one of the greatest actors of the present era of Indian cinema. Many projects were lined up for the actor and few of the movies are on the verge of the completion. If sources are to be believed, then more than 200 crore is on the stake and after this verdict, many producers have received a major blow.

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