Health Benefits of Beer

Hi folks !!!! Beer is fat-free, cholesterol-free and low in carbohydrates, nearly every wine lover and researches swears by the medicinal properties of wine. It is true that wine has certain qualities like it is helpful in curing heart diseases  but the younger generation is more keen to have some other drinks like beer and even beer has certain qualities. Wine is for the veterans and one has to be a connoisseur in order to give his or her view on different wines. But my friends as far as 20 something are concerned; their heart beat increase whenever a pint of beer is in front of them.

If you are over 25 and a die-hard fan of beer, then here are few of the reasons to celebrate.

1) Cures Rheumatoid Arthritis

 As it is known to everybody, RA is the inflammation of joints which happens at an early age. The symptoms are redness, swelling and soreness of joints. This disease can be cured with restricted intake of beer along with the medication and regular exercises.

2) Lowers the Risk of StoneBeer

A bottle of beer can really lower the risk of kidney stone by nearly 40 %. High water content in beer allows your body to produce more urine and thus the kidney flushes out any impurity or particle which may prove harmful.

3) Relief in Stomachache

Whenever you feel a stomachache which is quite common, a bottle of beer is helpful just like any carbonated soft drink. If one has severe problem like ulcer or something like that then alcohol should be avoided otherwise stomach ache would vanish with a bottle of beer.

4) Brain Tonic

Beer acts a brain tonic as it is proved with the research that moderate drinkers are 20% less prone to mental illness and hence it won’t be wrong to say that it is a tonic which could be taken to reduce the risks of mental diseases.

5) Reduced Cancer Risk

It is one of the biggest benefits of marinating a steak of meat in beer. The cancer causing agents known as carcinogens which are present in the meat are killed up to 70% and hence you can enjoy your meat without any worries.

6) Smooth and Silky Hairs

Beer is a natural hair conditioner and it was proven once again when a well-known FMCG co. launched beer shampoo.  So take a few drops of beer daily in your shampoo and enjoy great smooth and silky hairs.

So many benefits of beer have been mentioned. So friends gulp down a pint of beer as and when you like but drink in limit as anything beyond limit is dangerous.

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