Government Report Clearly Suggested That Military Should Opt For Screening Gambling Problems

It is the duty of the Defense Department to screen some military personnel for any of the gambling problems, as the Government Accountability Office has presented the report. The watchdog further stated that the DOD has no such clear ideas or guidance, which is used for addressing some of the gambling disorders. Therefore, a strict mechanism needs to be taken care of, these days, which can prevent military personnel to involve into the field of gambling.

As per the recent DOD Data, it has been seen that even a less amount of 0.03% of the current average service members are diagnose with the gambling disorder problem, on a yearly count. This is rather misleading and some of the few sufferers can ask for treatment directly.

Recent notification from the DOD officials:

Most of the DOD officials have clearly stated that they have not screened the military personnel for any gambling disorder, as their focus always remains to the mental health disorder. These are rather high to the current volume, and overall readiness, and these segments further comprise of higher assessment validated measures.

It has further been stated that the gambling disorder is not of a frequent diagnosed condition. Some people are associated with preoccupied gambling problems, and might be suffering from financial hardships. And this can easily lead to higher suicide risk. Therefore, a check on gambling disorder is must before you appoint anyone for any military problems.

Earning more than anticipated:

In the year 2015, WE Senator Elizabeth Warren established a report. Here, it has been well-established that DOD helps in operating around 3000 slot machines, at the current US military bases, on the global sector. And that is one reason behind the growing battle of the gambling addiction. It is mandatory to take a quick note in this matter, if you want to avoid any further suicide note.

The slots are known for yielding estimated amount of nearly $100 million annually. And not a single penny goes back to gambling problems for the service members. And this is still a growing business sector, even after the law, passed in 1951, which clearly banned slot machines from placing in all of the domestic military bases in US.

And some of the other reports even state that the slots machines are found predominantly in the current US army bases, which are located in German and Japan. And the Navy slot machines are situated in Spain, Italy, Diego Garcia, Korea, Singapore and in Greece.

Denial from the DOD team:

But, the above mentioned reports have been clearly denied by the DOD team. However, the official stated that the DOD screening has been disrupted, bu they are trying to amend some of their policies. These amendments can help in promoting awareness and education, associated with the problem of gambling.

However, the team clearly ignores some of the previous studies, which state just the opposite of what they are trying to work on. Some of the recent studies have further indicated that gambling problems are higher than any other veterans, current servicemen and military recruits in DOD. So, it’s time to go for some precautionary measures.

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