God of Cricket : Sir Sachin Tendulkar’s Speech

Cricket started with Sachin :

cricket born with sachin

Tendulkar, the  greatest batsman of all time
51 test centuries in  cricket  and will be remembered as one, a long and passionate speech home crowds in Mumbai.

Sachin sir started delivering his precious speech with sachin sachin voice from crowd he got very emotional by that touch .

“It’s hard to believe that your amazing journey is coming to an end.”

Tendulkar “names a long list of” thank you, with his father, who died in 1999.
“I will not stand for you without their guidance. the pursuit of his dream, he said, not giving up, the road will be difficult. I still remember him today, “said Tendulkar.
“My mom, I don’t know how they took me like a naughty child. they just prayed and prayed to the day, I started playing the game.”

But Tendulkar Anjali her most fervent praise his wife, whom he married at the age of 22.

cricket origin“When I met Anjali in 1990 most beautiful thing happened to me. He said he came to know about a doctor who would care for him , and she decided to leave her career and to look after his family.

As he thanked his wife for “nonsense with me I say to bearing, clean them tears in his eyes. he got his children, Sarah and she moved on.

I know I have missed all birthdays holidays happy moments and was not there with you in these 14-16 years of my life but I promise I will be there to walk hand in hand with you in upcoming 16 years .

God of cricket “I’ve played with all the s
enior cricketers,” he said. “I know that when MS (Dhoni, India’s captain) 200 test caps, I had a message for the team-I said that we were all so proud to represent the country. I serve the nation with dignity issue. I have full trust that you will serve the country in the right spirit.

“I know that my speech longer. I people who were traveling from various parts of the world I’d like to thank my fans want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. As long as I will live I will hear the voices of my fans who have cheered for me every single time prayed for me .

With that, the “little master” microphone and started visiting the ground. Captain of the outgoing batsman Tendulkar , Dhoni, carries on his shoulders.

In a career spanning 23 years after the glorious 200 test to exit, he remains a reasonable way.

           Thank you Sachin sir .Long live Sachin . God of Cricket !!

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