Gambling with your Career: Life as a Professional Gambler

Becoming a professional gambler is a career choice not for the faint-hearted. If you like stability and a monthly paycheck then it’s not the career for you. On the other hand, for those of you who like huge risks with huge payoffs then it’s a career that will fit you perfectly.


There’s a famous line by the bank robber Willie Sutton, who was asked “Why do you rob banks?” His reply was “That’s where the money is”. The same holds true for casinos and private gambling rooms.

Many people are drawn to gambling because of the potential to make huge sums of money. If you compare gambling to investing your money, for which you may receive a return of 5% over the course of a year, with gambling you have the ability to multiply your money in hours.

As a professional gambler you are essentially your own boss and you don’t have any customers to worry about, any inventory (apart from your bank roll) or business related expenses. You work the hours you choose and with the advent of online gambling, you can work from your own home or anywhere in the world.


There are many benefits to being a professional gambler and only one real con. The con however is a huge one. A bad stroke of luck while gambling can mean you can lose it all in a couple of bad hands or rolls of the dice. Remember that every time someone wins, someone loses.

Even in games where the odds are 50/50 with the casino you are still at disadvantage. This is because the casino can keep on playing if they are losing and eventually make their money back, while an individual has a limit to how much they can lose and once you have reached that number there’s no going back to the table to get it back.


If you become a professional gambler you must first decide what games you will play. There are certain games that, no matter how good you are, there is no way you can win. Games such as roulette have the odds stacked against you from the first time you play until the last time.

Other games, such as poker, allow a certain level of skill to come into play and if you know the game and have a talent for it then you can most definitely have an advantage over your opponents.

Becoming a professional player requires a bank roll. While you can begin gambling with very little money, you need to make sure you have enough to see you through the bad times. If you want to earn big money then you must play with big money. Professional gambler David Choe said, “It’s not difficult to win $100,000 from a casino but you need to go in with $1,000,000 to play with”.

Gambling full-time also requires a high level of patience and discipline. It’s too easy to get frustrated by a series of losses and start to make stupid decisions or to let your ego get the better of you when you are on a winning streak.

To become a proficient gambler it is likely that you will need to eat, drink and breathe your chosen game. Professional gamblers keep up to date with new strategies and literature as well as keeping a close eye on how others play the game. A great way to practise and improve is to test yourself with online and mobile gambling. Visit Euro Palace casino on mobile to get a taste of some the games you’ll need to master.

Are the odds with you?

If you set out to become a professional gambler, the unfortunate truth is that the odds are stacked against you. The majority of games in casinos have an unfavourable probability against you and in the games where the chances of winning are equal, even the world’s best players run into bad luck.

If you are dead set on a career change to gambling then my advice would be to start small and learn the game through playing with amounts that you can afford to lose. Keep at it and who knows, in a few years you may be jet setting around the world in private planes and receiving free hotel rooms.

Written by Gareth Monet.

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