Sport Fever 2014 In Brazil (20 th world cup )

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 Sport History of Football World cup :

The first World Cup biggest football sport tournament was held in 1930, when FIFA President Jules Rimet and the French an international soccer tournament decided to stage, was held in Uruguay in 1930 inaugural version. a final tournament only 13 teams invited by the Organization, which contested. Since then, FIFA World Cup has experienced an expansion and a two-year qualifying process includes approximately 200 teams from all over the world before its current 32-team final tournament format remodeling.
Although at this time the game is played rarely outside of the United Kingdom was the first international football match in 1872 between Scotland and England, Glasgow was played.

In 1900, had been gaining ground, but the game around the world and national football associations to establish themselves outside the British Isles was the first official international match was played in Montevideo Uruguay and Argentina between July 1902. FIFA 1904-May 22, Paris, France, from the Belgium Football Federation (his first international against each other earlier this month ahead of the two teams will be played) Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, with Germany undertakes to participate.

The World Championships of  football sport will be held in Brazil in 2014, it will be the World Cup 20. event takes place from June to July 2014. This is the second time the competition will be held for the first time in 1950 Brazil. Brazil hosted the World Cup twice will become the fifth country to (others being Mexico, Italy, France and Germany). It is also the first time the World Championships since Argentina in 1978 World Cup held in South America, and in the southern hemisphere will be the World Cup for the first time were kept constant.

Fever at Brazil  is on it’s peak where 32 teams are participating in this football festival divided into groups are as follows :

Group A: Brazil ,Croatia, Mexico, Cameroon

Group B: Spain,Netherlands,Chile,Australia

Group C: Colombia,Greece,Cote d’ Ivoire,Japan

Group D: Uruguay,Costa Rica,England,Italy

Group E: Switzerland,Ecuador,France,Honduras

Group F: Argentina,Bosnia-Herz,Iran,Nigeria

Group G:Germany,Portugal,Ghana,USA

Group H: Belgium,Algeria,Russia,South Korea

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