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In our life style we tend to endure Fashion very fast , we want to look professional when we are in office we want to fashion hand bag
look a social person when we are in party here we give you few tips about your things which you should have in your handbags.  Handbag is a young soul mate girl is like a mini Cabinet that take you everywhere and your handbag said you many things about the world may want to carry your bag, but these seven object, you are supposed to be in there.

 Mini makeup Kit

fashion Makeup: check! Hair: check! But when you get out of the House and everything else is tainted days are a pouch and wipes, hair ties, sunscreen, baby powder disinfectant, lotion, etc. to move mandatory and lip balm.

 Water bottle

Mother asks you to you a day to keep your skin healthy and clean water to drink 10-12 glasses of water . Well listen don’t take chances and prevent from getting dehydrated in summer .

 Scarf or hat

Your hair is preparing for the most difficult task is that each type of hair and humid, almost a nightmare for some time but don’t worry the fashion tip  is a scarf/hat which keep  your hair safe, put on your bursts of cover and you’re ready to conquer the world.

 The list of important telephone and ID numbers

It is a serious medical emergency or when you get your phone/purse is lost time. Important phone numbers and details of identity below note and keep in a safe place in this article.

first-aid kit

Headache, nausea/vomiting and some band AIDS keep pads/tampons pills to go without hand bag


A box of fruit rich in water in your bag with this cool to keep in warm weather. This will not only beat the pig but its trend on junk foods are also rich in your metabolism and keep your size.

Hand fan

A fashion fan of vintage handbag hand bendable hot required summer days.

You have also some safety pins, breath mint/candy, hand towel, wash face, a map of the city and a book/iPod may consider keeping.

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