Dressing Gratitude : Change your life

When dressing for the first date you should consider important factors: for starters, where are you going? You make sure you are suitable for the setting you want.


Extremely comfortable: If you are  at a casual coffee meeting, I suggest a nice bridge on a shirt and I are most modern, fitted dark denim jeans with a nice shoes.

Semi comfortable if you lunch or dinner are a discreet meeting, I do my best fitting jeans or casual pants and a Blazer or jacket, a good pair of shoes casual with a pressed shirt and more tips.

Dinner: always a nice shirt or a sweater for combo dinner with wear a jacket paired with shirts. even if the restaurant is more comfortable, once you can remove the down jacket. jacket will show that you have put special efforts to look ahead.

If you remove your jacket, you will always have the air put shirts and sweater combo. Pocket square is a nice touch that you look to put a little extra effort to dress that will make both are perfect with jeans.dressing

Your shoes should be clean and Polish these Alden j. crew Cap shoes they get driven out of jeans and a Blazer will look great with.

To flatter your skin tone is something to wear if you are not sure, blue thing that we mentioned for women still work – most people appear in different shades of blue and respond well.


Beauty in his first appointment is one of the most important details. number one rule-don’t overdo it with Cologne perfume that shouldn’t be detectable. When you have something in an intimate situation, it’s the first thing you notice about you should not forget his freshly cut hair. or style and are spotless clean and your nails if you wear a beard Don’t forget, it’s completely hacked or if you normally close, keeping it fresh shaven if. fresh breath is important, but chewing gum may be a turning point. If you are taking a car into your date, don’t forget, it smells clean and fresh.

You are right

Whatever you decide to wear, it is you and your personality that fail. even if you are a jeans and t-shirt guy, you should go a step upwards, but not structured jacket or one that translated the outer covering of a nice shirt or sweater knit/couple with. If you are usually a gars Comme button-up top and a little further away, take a square pocket or wear a tie with a modern tie. whichever you choose, you do not have to wear it and wear it you feel at ease and make an extra effort on your game, you have the support you provide des. – Joe

Now that you’re motivated and fun to yourself, don’t forget to gather the best version! More comfortable and confident that you go to a better date.

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