Bermuda triangle : place of supernatural powers 

 The Bermuda triangle, also known as the triangle of the devil, is a vaguely defined in the western part of the North Atlantic, where a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared in mysterious circumstances. According to the US Navy, triangle does not exist and the name is not recognized by the United States Board on geographic names. Popular culture has several disappearances attributed to the paranormal or activity by foreigners.

 map of Bermuda TriangleVast Bermuda :                               

The first written borders date from an article by Vincent Gaddis in an issue of the pulp magazine 1964 Argosy, where are the three vertices of the triangle in Peninsula from Miami, Flor

ida; in San Juan, Puerto Rico  and on the Atlantic island of Bermuda. But subsequent writers do not meet this definition. Some authors give different borders and points of the triangle, in the corner with the total area ranging from 1,300,000 to 3, 900, 000 km2 (500,000-1, 510,000 sq mi). Therefore the determination that the accidents occurred within the triangle depends on which the writer informs them. The United States Board on geographic names this name is not recognized and is not separated in any map drawn by the United States Government agencies.

Supernatural explanations

Triangle writers have some supernatural concepts used to explain events. A statement pins the blame in the mythology behind bermuda traingletechnology largely from the mythical lost continent of Atlantis. Sometimes linked with the story of Atlantis to the underwater rock formation is known as the Bimini road from the island of Bimini in the Bahamas, which is by some definitions in the triangle. Supporters of the alleged clairvoyant Edgar Cayce take his prediction that evidence of Atlantis is located in 1968 as references for the discovery of the Bimini road. Believers describe the formation as a path, wall or other structure, though geologists consider being of natural origin.

Charles Berlitz, author of several books on abnormal phenomena, will find with various theories attribute the losses in the triangle of abnormal or inexplicable forces.

 Lost plane and boat in the Bermuda triangle:                 

Here are some of the most incredible stories of planes and ships that disappeared while crossing the area of the triangle. boat in bermuda triangle

Flight 19: the Avenger aircraft of flight-19 drew on the US Naval Base in Florida for a training session of routine in an afternoon of December 1945, but strangely this time never returned.

PBM Martin Mariner: when all hopes for the aircraft’s flight-19 above were quickly fade, Martin Mariner aircraft (flying boats) were sent by the United States Navy to resolve. One again, but the other is not. Read the full story to find out what happened.

Tudor Star Tiger: Star Tiger, a Tudor mark-IV-plane disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle just before running on landing at the airport in Bermuda.

Fight DC-3: the flight of the DC-3 NC16002 disappeared when he just 50 km to the South of Florida and on the verge of landing in Miami.

Flight 441: a Super Naval Constellation airliner disappeared in October 1954.

C-54 Skymaster: apparently, seemed to be a sudden rain that had the aircraft collapsed. But there was much more in the story.

Marine sulphur Queen: this airline 524 feet of molten sulphur began sailing on February 02, 1963 in Beaumont, Texas with 39 crew members. It was reported lost in the Florida straits, February 4 and lost forever.

Ellen: The Ellen Austin, an American schooner, met with another ship in the Bermuda triangle. The other ship was moving at full speed, but strangely there was no one aboard.

USS Cyclops: disappearance of the ship’s aircraft carrier USS Cyclops in the Bermuda triangle is one of the great mysteries of the sea.

USS Scorpion: USS Scorpion (SSN-589) was a submarine’s nuclear-powered US Navy that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle region in May 1968.

Those who have been in some cases. Discover Bermuda triangle incidents for a list of all traces of large in the area of the triangle and fascinating stories for many.

Popular theories of the solution of the mystery

Ships and planes are the victims of various conditions and situations. Things have happened quickly and unexpectedly. Although many theories have been advanced, there is little that approaching the mystery of the Bermuda triangle-solving.

Methane trapped in the seabed may explode, and the cause of the density of water can be reduced and delivered as a rock. Same plane flying above it can inflame and get completely destroyed during this eruption gas.

The Sargasso Sea is a strange area which has no coast and limited only by the flow of water on all sides. Many ships pass through it are stationary and disused.

Fog electronics, a thick strange cloud appears from nowhere and sinks a ship or an aircraft. The instruments are beginning to show, and finally the ship or aircraft disappear without a trace.

There are many other theories that attempt to resolve or explain the mysteries of the Bermuda triangle. See the theories of the Bermuda triangle that describes most of these extraneous factors that have led to the disappearance.

And there are also theories that had jobs in some supernatural events to explain disappearances. View supernatural theories know about them.

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