DEV ANAND ” Evergreen Superstar ” – Heroes Never Die

                                                               “ Wish my don’t want to be seen dead by my fans “

                                                         ” No camera should follow me after my eyes are closed “

Early life:

Dev Anand was born September 26, 1923 in tehsil Shakargarh district Gurdaspur of Punjab, British India (modern Pakistan Narowal district). His father, who was hosted pishori Lal Anand lawyer. Dev was the third of the four children of Anand Pishori Lal. One of the younger sister of Dev is Sheela Kanta Kapur, who is the mother of Shekhar Kapur. His older brothers were Manmohan Anand (lawyer, Court of Gurdaspur Dist.) and Chetan Anand and Vijay Anand was less. Dev Anand spent her childhood in the village of Gharota near Gurdaspur, city of Gurdaspur. He studied until the recording of Sacred Heart School, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh (then in Punjab) and went to the University of Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, before travelling to Lahore. Dev later obtained a degree in literature English the University of Lahore in the Government of British India.

Life Time :
Anand University, Lahore, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in English literature graduated from in 1940 after its completion. Bombay, where he took a job in the military censorship Dev Anand in his hometown before a decade. in addition, along with his brother Chetan Anand and more as a member of the indigenous Theatre Association (IPTA). quicklyThey are instrumental in 1946 he became one, and soon an actress and singer, Popular and well-dev anand established Surya was also seen as a star among others., as a Jit and Vidya Sangam, with seven films pair. quick Dev Anand and Surya fell in love with, but (Indian Anand was the Muslim and Surya) due to religious differences cannot marry. He stopped acting after.
His first important film Dev Anand Ashok Kumar was offered her film Bombay Talkie punt (1948), Kamini Kaushal, who became an instant success for
the title role. decided to create success and pleasure punt in 1949, and calls upon their release year 2011 banner navketan, produced 35 films.
They were produced by Dev Anand, legendary Bollywood actor and Director guru Dutt film, Baazi, and chose to Act 1955. film game Dev Anand and Geeta Bali and Kalpana kartik saw the beginning of the avant-garde film after the huge success of Dev Anand and imagery provide several films together Kathik and finally a two taxi drivers and screen Dev AnandFalls in love during the filming of fantasy 1954 and 1956 Kathik proposed marriage in a quiet ceremony. married couples had a son named Katherine.
Enjoy her bowed head shake interacting is known for the brand and style and made his crazy fans. in 1960, Dev
Anand, Meena Kumari Sinha, such as for Garland, Nutan, ASHA Parekh and other actresses with romantic hero and shares acquired the image of space later in the early 1970s, his first feature film Love may not have filled colors in his life but Film Hare Rama Krishna with Zeenat Aman made blockbuster at box office.
A guide, Kala Bazaar, we Dono munimji and won, among others, he Dev Anand as the Filmfare Award Best Actor Award for his career many of his films for thought as he enjoyed a lifetime achievement Filfare award in 2001 and also India. Padma Bhushan award, and the dadasaheb phalke Award for his outstanding contribution to Indian cinema was awarded in 2002.
Dev Anand due to a heart attack on December 3, 2011 London where he was for medical treatment, died in.

Activities in Politics :

Also politically active Dev Anand. He led a group of film personalities who stood up against the internal state of the State of emergency declared by the then Prime Minister of India Indira anand
1978 hit Des Pardes, directed by Dev Anand was the directorial debut of actress Tina Munim and success of this film gave him a hero’s Evergreen label. He was 55 years old, but he shared great chemistry with 20 years of Tina Munim. Dev Anand was the leading role in man Pasand proposed Director Basu Chatterjee. Dev Anand, successfully works in the box office stayed in the 80 ‘s with the man Pasand Lootmaar (both in fron
t of Tina Munim), Swami Dada (1982) are all two, praised by critics and box office hits.


 Dev sahab’s last words to his fans were ” I am going to London but will return soon ” .

Dev Anand died in his room at The Washington Mayfair, London at the age of 88 on December 3, 2011 (Jan 4, 2011, Indian standard time) of the heart. His death occurred only a few months after the release of his latest film, an indictment. Anand would be in London for a medical examination to the top at the time of his death. Condolences from all corners of the Indian film industry, and most of them do not forget his positive attitude towards life. his funeral took place on December 10 in a small chapel in London, after which his coffin was taken to Putney Vale Crematorium in South West London for cremation. His remains were returned to India for immersion in the funeral of Godavari.

Awards, prizes and awards and civil Price:

He received Padma bhushan in 2001 (Third important civilian award ).dev anand
National Awards:

1965-national film award for best film in Hindi for leadership.
Dadasaheb Phalke Award, India, 2002-the highest award for cinematic excellence

Filmfare Awards:
1959-best actor for Kala Pani
1967-best film for manual
1967-best actor Award for leadership
1991 – received Film Fare Lifetime achievement award .


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