Crimes on Mother India

mother indiaCries of Help :

Whenever this question is asked what is culture ?? the answers comes “read about India or visit you will see heaven of respect, but unfortunately these answers were given for India once upon a time. where these moral values are gone!

Mon 31. December 2012 rape, Tortured and killed a 23year old woman in New Delhi is not the reason for this current public protests was that the final weight of the landfill; It came at a time when the nation simply couldn’t take more. rape so often that his speeches on the same episode of forgotten television, while the family dinner has become as a repeat broadcast. some other compelling reason very familiar situations were unknown. the girl next door is the only crowded place to be safer, because the students had on board, 9: 30 pm, and the rod was skewered by the six men with him just about any woman, anywhere, at any time. This kind of ID, due to the fact that it is so close to us, and we finally made it, finally feel awkward, let’s get closer to the action as well. We must stop the rape and we need justice. but as the Indian psyche for the next 20 years to wait for a suitable job or avatar without reboot? If the situation does not change, every woman (which every woman of the fruit of the eighties and more) will be at risk in the country, and even if it is possible, the most unnatural way, each person is a partner, or a victim, was left untouched, as each State in all municipalities no economic class or geographical area. and across all religions a crimes against women is growing at a pace. We need something necessary like water or a roof over his head would look like not every Roti kapda-houses. India, but not everyone agrees that these requirements, provided that immediate and done via the water as a municipality as a regular here receive what we need as a justice: everyone needs to realize that harassment and rape are criminal offences, i.e. offences legally.

Where we are! What have we become!! It’s time to get the kettle! Wake up India!

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