Commonwealth games 2014

Commonwealth Games (before the British Empire (1930-1950) games of the Commonwealth of Nations, common wealthinternational, multi sport event was held for the first time in 1930.Player ceremony is replaced every four years, sometimes (1942 and 1946 because of World War II, which has since been canceled), the third largest in the world. Except in the event after the Olympic Games in sports and games multi Asian Games.

Commonwealth games 2014

It is a three-time Commonwealth Games Scotland hosting and there is always a huge public interest and support for games.

The Queen will open the Commonwealth next month, but they insist that the British plan, there are a lot of Scottish independence in the referendum will verify the game occurred after the 2014 Glasgow Show pleasure.

The host city of the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth of Nations including

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth of Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations on a memorable one was located on 6,500 athletes and officials from 71 countries 17 games in 11 days, July 23 to August 3, the 2014 competition from lawn bowls from wrestling and judo fighting thrill track events in 2014 Glasgow grace and beauty, high-adrenaline gymnastics – very hot game platforms, as well as a wide variety of cultural and art activities for everyone.

The original compact three sites in the South and West of downtown, but there are some events that will have a place outside of town. Shooting in the dark and Carnoustie hosts Edinburgh University thakhlai the Park Triathlon.

The eyes of the world to Glasgow and next summer, but the games 2014 bring an additional game’s performance of the economy. The world of Scotland and others will lead to changes in the life of the network.

  Commonwealth Games 2014 participators are as follows :


Commonwealth Games associations 70 recognized organizations selecting and preparing athletes to compete in the game support team staff are responsible for sending:

Sports in Commonwealth Games 2014

There are a total of 17 medal sports and 261, that 2014 Commonwealth record 22 para-sport in five different games are played out is carried on a games. Para track cycling for the first time will take place. Archery and tennis plans Triathlon 2010 (for the first time since 2006) and youth (for the first time since 2002) enabled has been removed from the game between the disciplines of 2010. contemporary athletics, swimming and mountain biking are for the first time since 2006, while the tread in Graeco-Roman wrestling instead of times be challenged. Shooting medal events deleted from 19 to 44 2010 first Commonwealth Games Triathlon mixed relay between new topics on the program, in addition to another medal chance to shoot the women and women’s box program.

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