Bring Humor To Classroom

I still remember how I enjoyed sleeping on holidays when I was a kid. The same I asked to myself that ‘why do I have to go to School?’ going to school was not at all fun while teacher in the class. It is different thing that we made it a fun while hanging out with friends. Jokes apart if we come to a serious note then it would be proper to analyze the ways to make classroom a place of fun and thus make the students learn with fun. Adding humor to the classroom brings a sense of pleasure among the teachers and students as well. But the question arises that teachers are not trained to be comedians or anything like that so here are few of the tips as how you can add humor to the classroom.

Humor Strategies to UseHumor

When you do something silly or wrong, mention it and laugh at it and share it with your students. In this way the students would feel light and get to know you better.

Keep humorous items in tests and make it a fun process. I still remember my high school grade biology viva where one of the favorite teachers of students used to ask questions that sounded silly but they were related to the course. So the students in his case enjoyed the oral viva and we use to eagerly wait for the Biology test to be conducted.

You can even keep file of the cartoon characters and show it to the students up to the 4th standard. Kids are fond of their favorite cartoon characters and only with their glimpse the kids are overjoyed.

Do not hesitate to crack jokes at lunch time or specifically on Fridays. Ask students to bring at least 2-3 jokes and ask them to showcase the same in front of the class. Ask the students to make funny written assignments like bone tickling stories; share a funny incident or anything like that.

Even a funny dress code at certain day of a month would do well. Instruct the students to portray as their favorite animation character and enact the same in front of the whole class. This in turn would enhance creativity and confidence among the students.

So friends here were few of the activities which could be performed in order to make the whole experience of schooling great and interesting. Though smart classes are doing a great job in this respect but the teachers too have to bring a paradigm shift in the mode of teaching and it’s the only way which would compel the students to take school as his or her second home.

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