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braun series

Since the mid-1950s, Braun brand concept of modern industrial design and functionality and German technology was closely associated with the combination. In 1956, Braun headed by Dr. Fritz Eichler, the Ulm School of design of collaboration with a new range of products is set to develop its first Department established. In 1956, the company Dieter Rams a young by its famous SK4 record as well as the leading system, Hans Gugelot, Ulm School of design professor at design in then the player most influential designer at Braun at the end of the 1950s the Rams German design and a prominent figure in the revival of the 1960s had become the main impact of Braun design, the Rams have been highlighted in many products soon. Braun and quality of record player 4 is “SK-35 Mm slide projector series (D25-D47) functionalist design are some of the best examples.

Another modern icon design, but is less known electrostatic loudspeaker Braun LE1, the electronics unit of tractor has been dismissed by Dieter Rams and Dietrich Lubs. Also for the first time in 1987, AB 20 collaborating on Braun’s classic range alarm clocks are responsible for these designs, Braun has been discontinued by 2005. Since nearly 30 years Dieter Rams Head design as Braun A.G. When he was replaced by Peter Schneider in 1995 served by his retirement his picture-shavers, calculators, radios and many of the elegant Coffee-Museum of modern art has found a permanent home.

In the early 1970s, a design influenced by the pop art-inspired approach Braun products, which include many products and began to common devices. Contemporary trends in vivid color and brightness the Braun design keeping up with functionalist philosophy net balance included this new approach while touch.

Brauna Series Delivers various Products:

Shaving and grooming (electric shaver, hair, trimming beard trimmer)

Oral care (now the oral-b brand)

Beauty (hair care and hair removal)

Health ,well-being (thermometers, blood pressure monitors) outside

preparation of foods and beverages (coffee makers, coffee grinders, toasters, mixers, centrifuges)

Iron on

Clocks, watches and calculators out

The company formerly radio, slide projector, Super 8 films and accessories cameras and high-fidelity sound systems was a manufacturer.

Today, Braun (shaving and grooming, hair and beauty care) focuses on its main appliances small categories, category health and well-being, as well as watches and clocks now other companies (De ‘ Longhi, Zeon, Kaz) run under licence.

Braun series 7:

The closest Braun shave ever Braun  Series 7 is a premium Braun Shaver advanced Sonic vibration of innovative technology helps with micro 10, 000 more hair captures:

More intensive and more comfortable  Braun series 7 razors to shave completely are manufactured in Germany and  combine the most advanced technology and design. Most modern Center for cleaning the Braun’s enjoy the rest. It automatically cleans, lubricates and charges, Dry Shaver at the touch of a button.

Only 10,000 micro vibrations of sound technology with smart/min

Series 7 Shaver Braun to our more complete is the most advanced technology and has a  comfortable shaving.10,000 micro vibration enhances the performance of it’s a lot.

The personalization for a more individual shave 3 mode

Series 7 only Braun shaving razor with 3 different modes: mode extra sensitive, normal and intensive to different areas of the face-the best of an adjustable shaving your skin and beard to match.

Active Lift ™ captures hair lying flat in problem areas

Active Lift ™ problem for smooth and precise shave are as showing flat lying hair after  many years of research we have deliver a great men’s shaving a beard tool .braun 7 series

Opti Foil -for the closest Braun shave ever.

Opti Foil – Braun ever dressing for shaving.

Maximum facial adaptability for shaving completely flexible system

Braun razor head’s unique combination of swivel and floating leaves maximum facial adaptability ensures good performance .

7 series features clean renew ™ system 4-step easy and quick automatic illustrated, allegations, lubricates and Dry Shaver at the touch of a button. The inventor of cleaning pole Braun has more than 10years of experience in the field. Clean and updated 4times a year about refill cartridges can be replaced and your razor looks like new every day makes.

790cc-4 only

790cc-4 and 760cc-4

Characteristics of the system clean renew ™

• Automatic loading

• Automatic lubrication for optimal cutting capacity

• Automatic program 3 mode selection: smaller co/normal/high intensive

• Heat activated inductive 760cc series 7-790cc-4 anddrying-4 only

• In series 7 790cc-4 Fast Clean 25 seconds-only

• Fresh lime odor

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