Beauty Tips : FAshion FastLane ( Hairstyles )

Nail polish

Spring is here which means it will start experimenting with this season’s new nail polish to time! Nail Polish
too many cool new shades of pastels, whimsical brightly and this spring is about being creative all outside flowers begin to bloom and nail color, vibrant beauty to make a statement of style, nothing beats your manicure to refresh for our favorite spring Nail Polish color search!

Hair style

A beautiful prom hairstyle you slave on your hair, a pleasure does not mean that the party watches 1-2-3 as hairstyleseasy as possible! Prepare the red carpet up dos and hairstyles many of you think that this means that you have less time worrying about your hair and having a time more fun in ball can cost about are easyhairstyles to achieve!

Hair Party comes in all shapes and sizes and is often the simpler styles of course your costume and fully applies the makeup in order to show the best look! Show your look of the Organization as a sweet and simple and will make the most of your style-look at the ball, no one wants to similarly exaggerate! Get your marks, ball set; best easy hairstyles go see our choice!

Easy side up-do

The pretty side of Lauren works update to be done preferably with a texture in the hair, even a day withoutCool-Girls-Party-Hairstyle washing slippery if you have fine hair go. If not, then just wash and put in folds with a spray of hair texture after watering of your hair to create the smooth movement and some waves in an iron curling big wet barrel using your hair in a ponytail low pressure loop and hair pins to create a game with the side bread if you look at it more like disorder and texture to your piece of hair backcomb. Spray with Hairspray and voila!

Floral headband

This is an easy way to dress up your hair with an effort minimum to. ASOS, forever 21 or beautiful flower Claire or metal head try to stuff a decorative banner to your prom look Kirsten Dunst is a dramatic touch to try as it sounds if your dress and makeup look best placed in simple channel-Bohemian better! Where you want first and then simply position hair headband pin up and around to get the look that you like the hair pins and using lacquer. Don’t worry about the exact location, it is too beautiful to see the more portable and hair in bulk or ends.

Fishtail braid

Forget the basic braid and a fish tail braid fresh  this year’s prom! This beautiful hairstyle your hair all eyeshairstyles on your costume at least tries to be beautiful with a great way! To tie your hair in a ponytail side, use clear elastic at its peak into two equal sections. Fishtail do braiding as two classes (three steps a classic braid like) are required to hold with the right hand, right section the left hand using a small portion (approximately 1/2 inch) cross the left section of outside and inside of the straight section to repeat on the other side… the left section in your hand, hold a half-inch external pick-up and cross the right section hair to use your right hand to add a small section until the end and protect with a clear elastic. Take a pair of scissors and cut the top part of your hair carefully he loose the original clear elastic to pull it a little to see Brad to watch this video in action.

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