Baichung Bhutia- The Torchbearer of Indian Football

He is dashing with fair skin and tiny sparkling eyes. He scored goals with a blink of an eyelid. Well he is no other than Baiching Bhutia. He is considered as one of the finest player of Indian football along with I.M. Vijayan. He has won Arjuna award in the year 1998, highly respected Padma Shri in the year 2008 and Asian Football hall of fame in the year 2014.So let’s look in to the life of this great footballer. India's Bhaichung Bhutia celebrates the

Baichung Bhutia was born in Sikkim and he played various sports including badminton, basketball and athletics. He played several football matches in school and later he moved to Kolkata with the help of Bhaskar Ganguly. There he played various matches for different club and got chance to make his international debut with Nehru Cup. Thereafter he moved to Great Manchester England to play for Bury Club. He is the only Indian to sign 3 year contract with European Club but his career over there didn’t work very well as during his final year he suffered a knee injury.

After his return to India he played for Mohun Bagan for a year. But very soon he returned to East Bengal club and there again he got success. He played for Malaysia too but the matches were not very big in number. In the year 2006 he came back with Mohun Bagan and in the year 2008, he scored 18 goals in ten matches in I league and received player of the year for the second time. Later due to issues with Mohun Bagan he terminated the contract and made his way towards East Bengal Club.

East Bengal was the club from which he started his career and on his return to the club he expressed great happiness. In the year 2011, Bhutia joined united Sikkim Club as a coach and manager. He runs a football club in his name in Delhi in partnership with Carlos Queiroz. He has an honor of a stadium named after him in Sikkim. Though he did not have a very good international career but as far as domestic game is concerned he rocks.

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