Astrology : Destiny governs Life Path Way

Astrology : Destiny rules life and it’s pattern 

If someone asks me whether I believe in astrology, my answer is inspired by the Swiss psychologist Carl Yes, there is a difference between what all think , and we know that is true. I conclude that the faith, emotion, imagination, hope, faith and a deep conviction and subject, person or experience that “believe” requires fit and suitable for the most part from hands on experience in provable and learned about the information concluded that promotes this person’s knowledge of the realm of thought.Astrology

A person getting an actual encounter with those without a belief in fairies can change another person’s perception that Angel could be life, and hence, the fairies that can never be without experience is a unique knowledge of each person who dreams to become a very different reality that has seen for a story to see the lyrics.

I don’t believe in astrology. Cannot sleep with or put it in real time. twenty years and engaged for thirty years a student exercise for professional astrologers, as I said, a respectable knowledge of the subject and I am very satisfied with their knowledge and experience with astrology. I know that astrology. I studied and I can confirm that this is the way it is in life a tool to use as an advantage.

Time Astrology
Astrology and astronomy to be the same idea sometime now for the United States of America for schools ‘ delegate ‘ is defined as a science, as time passed and “Astronomy” more “accurate” and the prophecies and other esoteric separated from Astrology, astronomy, reduces this astrology? Not because astrology is not an exact science, just different and better defined is full of theories and speculation.

What is the Zodiac?Astrology
Zodiac (from the Greek word for “circle of animals”) in Western Astrology 12 categories or “Sun DRAWING” is divided into what the endless cycle of growth and development. always flowing tables known as the steady state phases are a symbolic representation of smaller cycles, each of its influence on what all the information flow under consideration represent may be difficult for this will also help if is defined as a continuous flow without borders Zodiac quickly and cleanly just think how when has seen a spectrum of colors. (Light through a Prism).

Astrological elements
In astrology, there are four elements of fire, Earth, air and fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius water. This is because these people are motivated, inspiring.Earths materialistic these people (usually a well) makes practical and conservative.

Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. These people are very “people”-oriented and well get along with others, Astrology  chart they also tend to be very smart and sociable. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are water signs under water element people. Intuitive, emotional and the world that surrounds them make it sensitive.

Astrological Quadruplicates
There are more factors to deliver. “One of them called” Properties “or” quadruplicates. Zodiac also is divided into three groups of four (four from each team signs). These are known as Cardinal, fixed and changed. It also has consequences for life and personality is a sign that fall.

Cardinal signs are Aries, cancer, Leo and Capricorn cardinal virtues “provides”. Is restless and result oriented is to start.
Fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius is. This means that these people, it will feed good concentration and a stubborn .

They are the main force behind each season. Then, continue and consolidate the signs fixed and permanent Cardinals signs began to. Monitoring and the mutable signs are signs of change. The marker for the end of the old and the beginning of the  new.

The positive and also negative influences from the effect of astrology and horoscopes. Signs of fire and air are considered positive or self-expressive. Signs of the water and the Earth are considered negative or repressive.
Positive polarity is Yang and negative polarity is Yin. Signs of negative polarity are withdrawn and introverted. They are sensitive and sensitive and reactive to outside influences.

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