About Vedic Astrology

Astrology has an important influence over the growth of living beings and the course of their life. Astrology had developed as a science in India much before it was developed anywhere. There are several proofs for the same. It is believed that ancient scriptures are more than 5000 years old. Astrology is considered as one of the oldest and greatest sciences of the world.

Vedic astrology, also known as Vēdānga or Indian astrology, is an ancient science which deals with the study of celestial bodies and their influence over human life. The word ‘Vēdānga’ word signifies that the science is being taken from Vedic Scriptures. It is also known as ‘Jyotish,’ Vedic astrology tells us about astral light patterns that make our destiny. As our Karma is determined by a cosmic design so it’s very important to read the signs and do the remedies suggested by any of the Astrologer.Astrology

Dashas provide a greater accuracy to Vedic astrology therefore it lets the astrologers to predict deep in to the future and not to hover around the past as Western Astrologers do. So it’s an ancient science which has a great usage in determining our faith.

Vedas are divided into six parts.

  1. Shiksha – A study of Vedic elements.
  2. Chhanda – Learning the exact meaning of vedic suktās.
  3. Vyākaraa – Tells us about the grammar.
  4. Nirukta – Make us understand pādās and mantrās.
  5. Kalpa – Ritual aspect of vēdas.
  6. Jyothisham –Helps in gathering information about present, past and future.


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